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Black points on a nose. From where they undertake and how to get rid of them?

At most of people, especially with age, appear black points on a nose. Women consider that the unpleasant type of these points very much spoils their person. It is possible to solve this problem, having addressed the cosmetologist, and it is possible and independently, and is much cheaper.

First of all, let`s understand: what is these black points and from where they undertake? The medical name of black points - open comedones which represent the traffic jams in skin pores which are formed due to release of skin fat. Black coloring to a stopper is given by melanin - a product of oxidation of a tirozin. Except the not esthetic look, open comedones are not dangerous to the person.

Reasons of emergence of black points:

1. Improper feeding. Refuse the use of greasy, sweet, spicy food, and also caffeine and alcohol, and it not only considerably will reduce a blockage of a time and, as a result, emergence of black points, but also in general will revitalize your organism.

2. Incorrect care of face skin . If you cannot pick up the cosmetics suitable for your skin, then address the cosmetologist better. Surely clear face skin before going to bed because if you go to bed, without having washed, the probability of emergence of black points increases several times.

3. Heredity. If your parents complain of frequent emergence of black points, then most likely and this skin illness will be transmitted to you. In case of genetic predisposition it is much more difficult to fight against this phenomenon.

4. Stresses. Physicians claim that at nervous breakdowns the chemical composition of skin fat changes, as is the main reason for emergence of black points. If comedones at you arose from - for a stress, then try to distract from problems and to normalize the emotional state.

5. Ecological situation. very humid climate and impurity of air because such conditions are favorable for a skaplivaniye on skin of particles of dust and dirt can also provoke Obstruction of a time. If you have no opportunity to replace a living environment, then try to clear face skin as often as possible.

One of the most effective methods of disposal of black points is hardware or manual cleaning of a time, in other words - expression . It is the safest to do this procedure in beauty shop at the qualified specialist. Such way of cleaning of a time very effective, but rather painful. Besides, it is necessary to resemble couple of days after procedure with red spots on a nose.

If you want to save, are sure of the opportunities and are not afraid to bring an infection, then it is possible to try to clean pores independently, without resorting to the help of the expensive cosmetologist.

Before procedure of expression it is necessary to steam out a face. For this purpose pour in capacity very hot broth from a linden or a camomile. Then incline the person over steam, be covered with a pure towel and a postoyta thus minutes 10 - 15. It is not necessary to bend too low because it is possible to scald the person. Then disinfect the fingers alcohol and start procedure of expression of black points. Right at the end do not forget to narrow pores, having smeared the squeezed-out points with egg white. It is possible to make such procedure not more often than once in two weeks .

There are also more sparing ways of disposal of artful black points. Today the huge amount of cosmetics, the most popular of which are, probably, special strips which are pasted on a nose is issued and delete with a magic image black points. By analogy with these strips there is very good and cheap national recipe.

Recipe : “Mix a tablespoon of gelatin and a tablespoon of milk. Warm up mix in a microwave within 10 seconds. On the consistence it will be similar to glue. Let`s mix cool down a little and apply with a brush on area of a congestion of black points. In 10 - 15 minutes accurately remove already dried film and receive the expected result!“ at the same time it is important to

to understand that momentary results cannot just physically achieve. Therefore if you prepare for important action where it is necessary to look on all 100, think of it in advance - a minimum in 2 weeks. Then it is possible to hope for visible result. Only you remember: in fight against acne rash it is necessary to use the reliable tools which proved the efficiency.

Recently dermatologists even more often recommend for external application combined preparations on the basis of anti-inflammatory substance and an antibiotic, for example, of such reliable tool as Page Klenzit gel. Thanks to the consistence the preparation quickly gets deep into a spot, destroys harmful microorganisms, clears a skin sack - a follicle and promotes disappearance of black points. If to follow the instruction, then skin becomes pure and smooth, reddenings and inflammations take place.

Unfortunately, it should be noted that once and for all it will not be possible to get rid of black points because development by glands of skin fat happens constantly. And here to make their emergence not such noticeable it is quite real. At the same time, as you see, it is not obligatory to resort to the help of cosmetologists, it is possible to cope also by own forces.