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Useful device breathalyzer?

existence of the device under the name the breathalyzer do not surprise Today anybody any more. Does not surprise also ability to use it and periodic use. Today breathalyzers are not only specialized device of the employee of road patrol service for determination of level of content of alcohol in an organism at the driver who forces to doubt the sobriety and adequacy. Also ordinary citizens in the everyday life use breathalyzers.

What it for such a miracle the device - the breathalyzer? Without special work it is possible to determine by this small device precisely quantity of alkogolesoderzhashchy products in an organism at any person. For this purpose just air is required to exhale them the lungs a special tube, or openings in the breathalyzer.
the Device the breathalyzer - the invention with an experience. In 1930 the progressive people of America could be influenced by operation of this truth-loving device already. However, then in 30 - x years, the breathalyzer coped with an objective unambiguously - it either confirmed, or denied availability of alcohol in an organism. About the accuracy of indications the speech did not go yet, as well as about that ukazyvatt exact figures of content of alcohol. The American police actively used the first devices of the breathalyzer in the fight against drunk drivers.
As for a special tubule in which it is necessary to breathe, it was patented by Germans in 1953. Gradually breathalyzers began to be used not only police, but also in other spheres of life. The circle of use extended not only on the different states, but also in various life situations.

Today, quickly and objectively determines intoxication level degree by emergence of the device of the breathalyzer which it is easy by alcohol at drivers, the real possibility of self-checking appeared. To rely only on own feelings and to try to measure the sobriety by eye - very ungrateful business. The driver, in an alcohol intoxication, taking the wheel of the car, not only puts at huge risk own life, but also life of the passengers, and life of those people which will meet along the line this car. The happy outcome in such situation is rather an exception to the rules, more often everything comes to an end much more seriously.

The device the breathalyzer can also be used and in situations when quickly maturing teenager to seek to show the maturity by means of the use of alcoholic drinks. Parents will be able always to be aware of that how many the growing-up child drank them. And to be aware - means to control a situation of a growing of the teenager.

Not only the staff of road patrol service uses the breathalyzer in the work. Many firms, the companies and the organizations also practice control by the breathalyzer of the employees. The employee who works in the security or public health sphere and who did not undergo testing by means of the breathalyzer will not be allowed just to execution of the direct duties.

Today there are several main subgroups of breathalyzers. Classification of division comes from calculation of the environment and circumstances of use. There are professional breathalyzers and special, they are most often used by the staff of road patrol service, in the companies, firms and the organizations which demand obligatory passing of the test for sobriety. Exist as well individual breathalyzers, for personal use, self-checking or control of the relatives.

Konkurentsiyu alternative to breathalyzers gradually seek to create indicators, devices, similar to the breathalyzer, with similar functions, however more advanced in results of the indications. Accuracy of indicators of the indicator are not rounded, and it is highlighted with an accuracy even to the 100-th shares. Also indicators are capable to define not only availability of alcohol, but also availability of drugs in an organism. The truth indicators, unlike breathalyzers can work not only with the air exhaled from lungs or blood, but also saliva and urine.

The device the breathalyzer only establishes the fact of intoxication or its absence, the choice of our further actions remains always for us.