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Drama “The Last Love on Earth“. Whether the perfect feeling will save the world?

It is sure, many thought of that, the apocalypse how exactly will come. Not the personal tragedy, whether it be dismissal from work, death of relatives or a gap with darling, but specifically the end of all real. The images imposed externally dictate us absolutely plain scenario.

Armageddon. The third world. Deadly epidemic. Flood, alien invasion, global environmental disaster. But what if the final comes absolutely differently?

Englishman David Mackenzie who removed a touching, lyrical and tragic tape “The last love on Earth“ on the scenario of Dane Kim Fupts Okeson tried to answer this sacramental question.

… The epidemiologist Suzann faces in the work with the inexplicable phenomenon. The people who are not connected with each other at all that excludes the moment of an infection or virus lose sense of smell. To loss of an opportunity to inhale aroma of a cigarette smoke, the bitterness of gasoline, freshness of leaves and sweet of perfume precedes a short, but pronounced attack of melancholy. People literally cannot stop a tear, remembering the left family, own mistakes and adversities. And then it is total cease to feel smells.

Forced to adapt, they refuse habitual occupations. Smoking finally turns only into an addiction, spirits - in an artifact, and fresh fish from rotten the chief - the cook Michael should reveal on appearance now. However, for Michael is only part of a problem, with loss of sense of smell people began to visit restaurants less. And here on this, still not to a minor note, Michael meets Suzann.

Both have a bitter experience of the romantic relations. They are still young, but already learned both bitterness of losses, and disappointment of treachery. Therefore do not hurry to become couple in habitual understanding at all. On this resolute act they are pushed by circumstances. Because “epidemic“ it is inexplicable, but truly reaches at first language receptors, and then and ears. Refined dishes turn into a set of vitamins, carbohydrates and fats, and phones, television and music are necessary to nobody any more. And if before loss of hearing people still visited expensive institutions, compensating lack of taste of food by a ring of expensive glasses, a rustle of pages of the menu and politeness of waiters, then from now on and these aspects lost the importance.

In line - the most terrible. But whether the mankind is ready to plunge into darkness, without having realized all pleasure of the last moments? And what will remain to us when all five feelings sink into a non-existence?.

Can seem that David Mackenzie climbed on the territory of a fantasy alien to it. But is not present. The author of “Young Adam“ remained is faithful to himself. Both in respect of naked Euan McGregor`s demonstration, and regarding a genre. Despite all improbability of a plan, “The last love on Earth“ (in the original - “Perfect feeling“) represents rather philosophical parable, than an ominous prediction. It indirectly is confirmed by what authors do not offer the viewer of the distinct concept of a sudden “pestilence of feelings“ at mankind. All possible guesses stated by a dry and impartial voice of the main character (Eva Green) include both an ecological collapse, and the virus introduced from an easy hand of intelligence agencies, and even intrigues of terrorists.

Creators not so much are interested in the answer to the question “Who Is Guilty?“ as searches of What to Do? option. An unusual foreshortening which - whom even upset. Like, the idea promised nearly the thriller about a survival of human race, and as a result everything inevitably came down to the melodrama. Mackenzie is also interesting to those that he is able to look unconventionally at up and down obzhevanny plot about an apocalypse. From the general to pass to private and to concentrate attention of audience on separately taken, but such indicative case. Something similar was shown by James Cameron in “Titanic“ when he against the large-scale tragedy removed a formula of the of “perfect feeling“.

The second time in a row of Mackenzie invited in the movie McGregor (after “Young Adam“) and his namesake of Euan Bremner (after “Hollem Fou“). McGregor is known to wide audience well, especially on such tapes as “Moulin Rouge“, new “Star wars“ and recent “Ghost“. Scot Bremner, which in new work of the director got a supporting role, in Hollywood acts irregularly and was remembered in participation in such projects as “Gold of fools“, “Death on a funeral“ and “On a needle“. The company to them was kept by the remarkable French actress Eva Green whom all of us remember on “A casino a grand piano“ and to “Kingdom of Heaven“. By the way, in a tape McGregor`s characters and Greene seem age-mates, however the British is more senior than the Frenchwoman for the whole ten years.

Thanks to an ill-fated calendar of Indians of the Maya, the mournful destiny of mankind zhivopisutsya most often by gloomy paints today. Annually in the world about ten pictures, in paints describing the global cataclysms plunging human race into the abyss are issued. Especially Americans who manage to draw in detail so large-scale accidents on the computer that nobody undertakes to compete with them in this question succeeded in subject. And very few people think at the same time of life of concrete individuals.

In the Hollywood blockbusters inhabitants of the planet are the insignificant panicking ants leaving the burning ant hill. Mackenzie has living people. Heroes of its movie do not seek to survive at any cost. They adapt to illnesses, trying to discover positive sides in each situation. And with loss of the next means of communication become a step closer to each other as if unknown force pushes them to a unification in the heartless, materialistic world for a long time deprived of any fine feelings.

At all also the kind of activity of characters is not casual. Suzann is an epidemiologist, the person, in principle, who is most informed on the infection scales which suddenly struck people. Michael is the chef who should pass literally all stages “illnesses“ which are reflected as in his ability to create culinary masterpieces and on opportunities of his clients to perceive them on advantage.

Whether there can be similar in the real world? In such context - hardly. Mackenzie`s movie is even not the prevention, and ascertaining of the fact. Anyway, we lost many of the vital feelings for a long time. We do not need natural aromas. Smells and tastes are formed by chemical accelerators, sweeteners, amplifiers for a long time. Or substitutes. We are deaf to entreaties and problems of people around. Also are blind when are not ready to assume responsibility for foreign adversities.

It is possible that the process described in a picture already goes at full capacity. And if nobody clangs bells whether it means that we chose such end consciously?