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What unites the lady from society and the woman of modest prosperity?

the First lady of Russia on the next secular collecting will be dressed approximately in the same kapron tights 70 den or 20, as well as the modest cloakroom attendant in theater! From clothes, it is, perhaps, the only detail which it is possible to call the general … And here in the whole life of such details fully.

For example, in ordinary life the real lady gives birth in the same way as it is done by the latest alcoholic on the village. Of course, conditions of their rodorazresheniye differ. The first, for certain passes this vital stage in prestigious clinic, its nature is served by the best doctors and around the most comfortable conditions are created. And the second, so far to it the sea knee-deep, can make all that is houses and one. And this smart aleck at number two sometimes will better cope, than the very first lady together with all doctors combined!

And as it is not offensive for the first lady, but action is low identical to both! And in patrimonial nonsense heavy, natural process of the woman is equally tastefully diluted sometimes with mats and damnations of all masculine gender. And both of them, - deranged, exhausted and tired of the burden, want that all this on quicker already ended.

And happy end of action depends very conditionally on a surrounding situation. Exactly so, as far as it allows the nature. Therefore, at the drunkard everything can be rather good while at the lady badly. Health of the lady and her child, final will put in order. But there is a wish that all at once and in the best way, - as at this alcoholic, the devil would pobrat her!

By the way, the episode of conception of the child preceding this history at real ladies hardly was pure Divine. And there was it ordinary - prosy, as well as at any mortal woman. Here it is our general nature of things.

And this true nature equalizes all people as if in one. So far as concerns natural processes of distinction are erased. But ladies from society do not despond. They have means which are actively used for fight against the nature. And all this is for the sake of receiving thoroughbred superiority.

Thoroughbred and elderly English ladies, - very well-groomed, with a good figure. They are stylishly dressed, and have gladenky faces.

Gladenky faces are inaccessible to our mere mortals to pensioners. Therefore, our pensioners, are ordinary kind grandmothers, and not the lady at all.

And still, despite such huge distinctions of opportunities, ours the priest - the star Alla Borisovna, could not win against the nature. It is ordinary unusual to us often show on the TV. And we even the covered eye see everything and we notice. And here our acquaintance, - some modest toiler in 60 years looks so as if by her it was executed forty only yesterday. Also it is good, a toadstool, not only on the person, but also on a figure. And no plastic surgeries are necessary. Smetanka yes a kefirchik - here and all recipe of her youth. And you will not argue! Because, you have honor to personally observe its beauty!

And all of us know it, of course, we know … And nevertheless, there is a wish to test though a shred of the “high“ feelings available only to unusual women. But unless their feelings strongly differ from ours?

Unusual mortal, by the way, feel and worry as well as the others. The inaccessible beauty who is shown on the TV in soul wants love and happiness, - simple, warm, cozy family. And he, this light of life visits only those whom visits. And if did not come, then no tinsel, money, not success will rescue from internal real experiences.

And from inaccessibility of the happiness, the beauty rush to all heavy - also as it is done not by beauties. The ordinary body of each of them is subject to negative impact of all harmful addictions which are known by mankind. And availability and permissiveness quickly and with guarantee involve fatal consequences.

Also we find then Whitney Houston who died oddly, but generally from banal overdose. Also we read then its sad story to love, life, souls …

A it means that ordinary human weaknesses are inherent in the powers that be. Which please, bring pain, pushed on daredevil acts, - still, as at simple women. when I met by
I the former girlfriend, asked: “How it was died at you?“, she answered: “Oh, everything is fine, life was successful, I have a husband - the oligarch, the apartment, the car, three fur coats …“. I glanced in her sad eyes and specified: “And in soul that at you - as?“. And she did not tell. And I did not insist. We together kept silent, - everyone about the.

And here when looks at me, having assumed airs, the haughty lady from the big prestigious jeep, I know that she is an ordinary person, same, as well as all. With the human, and not so Divine features. And I do not revere at a meeting with stars. At me knees do not shiver and the voice from communication with big directors, or just important aunts is not lost. I pay a tribute of respect to their talent, I try to learn high qualities. But I do not tremble with happiness and I do not choke in delight snivels.

What, actually, and I wish you!