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Whether fashionably I look? The minimalism comes back

the Spring will end soon, and there will come the long-awaited summer. All want to look good - fashionably and attractively. How not to turn from the dandy into vulgarly dressed person?

Now it is fashionable - does not mean expensively. The glamour gradually gives in. Though from what party to look... How the glamourous person looks? For many it is the increased nails, hair and eyelashes; bright make-up; open breast, back and legs, artificial suntan and abundance of branded things. On TV screens there are already a little such beauties, but on streets they still are enough.

The future behind minimalism. Do not forget that bared a back, the stomach, a breast and legs are at the same time inadmissible. Having turned a back, it is necessary to cover all other parts of a body. It is better for girl to be a riddle, but not to offer itself on a silver platter with a gold kayemochka. The man has to want you to undress eyes, and looking at modern girls, there is a wish to dress rather them, than to undress.

It is necessary to learn to combine things with footwear, bags and jewelry. This summer gentle shades of all flowers in clothes are fashionable. Minimum of jewelry. The footwear and a bag, well or a scarf on a bag have to become a bright spot in your set.

You should not select a set in one color. For example, red bag, shoes, lipstick, nail varnish. It will turn out vulgarly.

The bag and shoes have to be different flowers. Do not select a bag under footwear. The bag can be picked up under a belt, and to put on shoes tone more darkly or is lighter. Or on the contrary to pick up shoes in tone to a belt, and a bag to take bright.

The make-up is actual in corporal, that is pastel tones. The skin shining health - here fashionable colors of this season.

Too you should not select lipstick under nail varnish. It is possible to take a bright varnish and lighter lipstick. Only the color scale of your make-up has to be in tone to your clothes. You should not violate this rule of color. That is it is admissible to use in the set no more than three - four shades.

It is more reasonable for fabric to choose natural, without bright prints and drawings. Do not forget that things on which instead of patterns labels and names of the famous designers, are not actual any more. Fashionable colors of this season: blue, turquoise, lime, it is pale - pink and all shades of pastel tones.

As always, in fashion a small heel. Not moccasins and flats, but footwear which will give to your appearance ease and lightness. The footwear can be chosen bright, emphasis in this season is placed on footwear.

If you decided in the summer the first time to dye a hair, then it is better to postpone it. In this season natural shades of hair and long hair are fashionable. Unfortunately, lengthening and highlighting are not actual. In a hairdress trend from braids. For example, the French braid decorated with a small orchid.

As for jewelry, with them everything is simple. If you put on a large beads, then the bracelet and rings should be left at home. Or on the contrary, a large bracelet - and anything more. Well, and if you do not want to offer anything, then will be able to afford small set: a thin chain with a small suspension bracket, a ringlet with a small pebble and makhonkiya brasletik.

And now present You at a party. On you the airy white dress, an easy make-up, hair are braided to the negligent spit, beautiful sandals of color of a pink skin, and on a finger a ring with pink diamond Well, there is no diamond, and is fine!

Dream! Pensiveness - a season trend.