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Deodorant - the friend or the enemy?

In the modern world we got used to spend days in continuous vanity. On us the huge number of affairs constantly leans: meetings, a family, work, advanced training courses, a course of family therapy, an evening visit of shop, cooking in kitchen, cleaning of the dwelling... and we live in such rhythm constantly. However, deplorable picture? On itself there is no time left at all.

From - behind a constant of bustle and change of temperatures we are forced to use various deodorizing means. Of course, we want to look properly, having protected ourselves from plentiful sweating and an unpleasant smell.

There is a huge set of deodorants: ball, sprays, firm, creamy, gel whether but everything in them is as good as it seems at first sight?

Whether these “fancy“ antiperspirant preparations are harmful? There is a set of opinions about it.

Usual deodorants are capable only of neutralization of an unpleasant smell, to relieve you of sweat they not in forces. And deodorants - antiperspirants cork the processed area and do not give an exit to sweat and an unpleasant smell.

Whether it is harmful what the deodorizing means clog up pores and do not allow sweat to come to light? Scientists joking say that if to smear themselves from legs to the head with an antiperspirant then there is a risk to worsen the health, and processing of armpits by it (even for twelve hours) threatens with nothing bad.

But just in case doctors recommend use of antiperspirants to people with moderate sweating, and do not advise no more than ten hours a day to use an antiperspirant before big physical activities.

If you were going to the gym or on stadium, then be going to sweat properly. Sport has to bring benefit, but not harm. It is better to use a usual deodorant which though does not stop sweating, but rescues from a fetid odor.

Before a campaign on the beach, and in winter time in a sunbed, do not forget to wash away properly from yourself the deodorant remains too - an antiperspirant. All the matter is that some deodorants contain chemicals which change the properties as a result of ultra-violet radiation, and on that place which you processed a deodorant, there can be dark stains.

Progress does not stand still, and already today we can speak about absolutely new deodorants which narrow sweat glands or eliminate an unpleasant smell, killing bacteria. What influence on an organism of these innovations, we can only guess.

Well and if you the opponent of any deodorants, then observance of rules of hygiene can relieve you of application of “special protective equipment“.