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How to prepare a love potion? Jam from dandelions of

I in our educated century continues to live in people ineradicable belief that by means of “love potion“, or as speak in the people, “prisushka“, it is possible to return darling.

Recipes of love potions filled the websites of homebrew sorcerers, special sections in grants on practical white and black magic are devoted to them. Recommendations “on a prisushka“ can be met in women`s magazines and in girlish albomchik, of them it is full at forums where foolish women of all age share “national and everyday“ wisdom.

Ways of preparation of a love potion great variety - from harmless manipulations with a glass of water, a pocket mirror and own photo to absolutely wild tinctures on the beloved nails, ashes of his pubic hair and a root of a mandrake which, by the way, in our corner of the world never before was not found.

Medieval specialists in love spells operated with unimaginable structures at all: “On the ascending moon to take frog leather, a dung of bats, ashes of the heretic burned on a fire and to mix with milk of a white cow …“ It is thought that effect of such potion rather emetic, than bewitching.

If nevertheless there is a desire more strong “to prisushit“ or return the windy beloved, and frog skin near at hand suddenly did not appear, I suggest to use the simple and lovely recipe fixed in cookery under the name “May Honey of Love“.

Actually this simple jam, or so-called honey from dandelions . The Slavic people have a belief that if in a May new moon - and this year it drops out for May 21 and comes approximately at half past three mornings - to weld such honey and then to treat with it darling or darling, then happy joint life is provided to a grave.

Believe it or not, anyway it will turn out tasty, and, above all - very useful “potion“. Experts from phytotherapy claim that honey from dandelions is very effective as a supportive application at treatment and prevention of diseases of a thyroid gland, liver, kidneys, spleens, a pancreas, at cholecystitis, gastritis, hepatitis. Dandelion honey treat catarrhal diseases, bronchitis, asthma, it is useful at rheumatism and arthritis. In a word, a health well - if, of course, to trust these experts.

And if not to trust, then all the same it is very tasty, beautiful and original - honey from dandelions. Love honey.

The most labor-consuming occupation in the course of preparation is a collecting, so to speak, “raw materials“. My recipe will require 300-350 g (or 200-220 pieces) flowers of the dandelions which - were dismissed, yellow and fluffy. It is better to collect dandelions before noon, in a sunny weather. It is desirable that before at least couple of days there was no rain, then taste of honey will be much more expressive. Well and, of course, it is necessary to collect flowers far away from highways, power lines and the industrial enterprises.

For preparation of honey only “heads“ of dandelions are necessary. In an amicable way they should be “drawn“ - to release from green sockets, then color of honey will be absolutely solar and gentle, and small yellow petals will add special relish and a savor. But … process this so dreary that the last several years I quite do without it.

So, we place collected heads of dandelions in a small container with lid and we put at several o`clock in the refrigerator - during this time the insects who incidentally came there have to creep out of flowers. Then dandelions are washed carefully out by cold water and we leave to flow down on a colander.

We fill in the flowers prepared thus with one liter of cold water and we put on fire. It is necessary to boil this still low-appetizing soup about half an hour. The received “potion“ has to be drawn not less than six hours. It is better to make procedure of preliminary cooking in the evening and to leave to be drawn for the night.

And already in the morning to take a gauze in couple of layers or a small sieve and to carefully filter infusion - it will be frighteningly dark color. But you be not afraid, it is normal.

It is necessary to add one kilogram of granulated sugar to the filtered broth, to put on fire and to stir slowly before sugar dissolution. After boiling we diminish fire and half a teaspoon of lemon acid is poured into syrup or we pour in juice of one lemon. It is possible to cut this lemon as it is pleasant to you, - then jam or honey with candied fruits will turn out as if. It is possible to add orange - but it already on the fan.

It is necessary to cook honey until it thickens, - it depends on intensity of fire, on your ware and in general on many conditions. At me on this business about an hour leaves. If passed the necessary moment and honey too strongly thickened - not terribly. Add a little water and again bring to boiling.

Ready honey from dandelions is acceptable in a different consistence - from light syrup up to the viscous weight reminding treacle. By the way, it and can be used as treacle, adding to dough at baking of bread. Well, and so honey from dandelions is good to tea, to pancakes, for impregnation of home-made cakes.

If you were not too lazy also all - exempted dandelion petals from green sockets, then stages of washing of flowers and filtering of broth it is necessary to lower and cook honey directly with petals. Color will be much “medovy“, taste nasyshchenny, and the consistence … is more live, perhaps.

But tasty it will also be useful anyway.