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About extent of freethinking, or... Freethinking - what it is it?

at various times understood absolutely different As freethinking. you Remember
in the movie “Ordinary Miracle“:
“- I Obey, your Excellency!
- That, me, the greatest of kings, a general title! Da Va rebelled!
- Yes, I rebelled. And you - not greatest of kings, not the greatest - and just great! And you - not the Saint! The hermit, the devotee - yes! But - not the Saint! Not the Saint!!“

Once freethinking was to doubt long ago quantity of elephants on whom as then was considered, there was our flat world. Subsequently freethinking was considered to doubt that Earth - the center of the Universe around which other planets and the Sun rotate. Speak, quite recently the church court of Vatican amnestied Galileo Galilei, having created thereby amusing precedent. Even the Holy See agreed, at last, that the Sun - the center of our system, and Earth - only one of its planets. On the one hand - it is unprecedented that the Holy See recognized one of the mistakes. Still slightly - slightly - and they and Giordano Bruno will justify? And maybe John Hus?! (I understand that it is impossible, but nevertheless...)

When in Ostrovsky`s Drama “Thunder-storm“ ask one of local freethinkers “That there is a thunder-storm“ and he driven by an artful question into the corner, having decided not to change the principles, is proud Elekstrichestvo answers “!“, thereby breaking the canons of limits of freedom existing then and showing the highest (in scales of that time) freethinking. All centuries of the known history of mankind - a chain of freethinkings of varying severity. All centuries the administration or masters of thoughts diligently established borders for which to the person should not climb the thoughts or affairs. Attempts to cross not put borders were stopped. It was once claimed that having tried to swim away for a certain meridian, the ship sverzitsya from the flat earth straight to hell. In “the Divine Comedy“ the Author faces one such poor fellow who fell down from the region of flat Earth and, naturally, the dead. From - for superfluous curiosity.

It would be absolutely wrong to claim that only clerical heads “forbade and did not pushchat“. When in France the materialism won, “their Academy“ ceased to consider information on falling of meteorites (“it is established that stones cannot be on a silver platter because the sky - not firm“). All centuries it is superfluous curious, trying to get out out of “the resolved limits“ in the beginning intimidated by consequences for themselves or for relatives, and especially curious after preventions struck a bargain. Struck a bargain the axe or a sword earlier, chopping off superfluous, lately beat with “ruble“ that considerably less krovavo, but is not less effective.

When in times described by Dumas French were at war many decades with other French from - for the fact that one said prayers in Latin, and others - in French, the idea to say prayers in French seemed freethinking top. (We will not mention that prayers were only an occasion, and was the cause of all wars from the beginning of times envy to the prosperous neighbor and desire of this neighbor to plunder). Then (among Christians) freethinking polygamy of Mormons, seemed then... then... then... Now nobody is surprised the same-sex marriages “consecrated“ with church surprise nobody “a mass under fate“, the woman - priests... a lot of things are many other things in affairs church. And it is not necessary to speak about celibacy and the related problems.

The end of the 20th century, apparently, became famous for the permissiveness. But if to get accustomed more attentively, this permissiveness - imaginary. Still there are dogmas with which it is forbidden to argue, which it is forbidden to doubt... In 90e marched years of the last century on screens “the zombie-boxes“ magnificent and hyper - tolerant series “Quantum Jump (Quantum Leap)“. Such hybrid of a fantasy with religion, the long, but interesting sermon of absolute tolerance to everything and to all. Both to black and to white and to yellow and to red. To mentally ill people, to murderers, thieves and swindlers. Even to the serial maniac, the tyrant and the murderer, authors have a pity drop - as to the patient, almost lost, but - to the person. Both to children, and to towns, and to disabled people, and to devils, and to... Sorry! I wrote - “tolerance to red“?! Sorry mua! I wanted to write - “to red-skinned“. Any sign “tolerances to red“! Red that “vyetkong“ that “the having contacts with “the presents red - Soviet“ (for example Lee Harvey Oswald)“ - according to these series - an essence of the force of evil, cradles of democracy which rose from hell for death and its representatives. War in Vietnam is represented as unsuccessful of - for communists attempt of remarkable and very kind American guys to evrointegrirovat Asian monkeys (forgive my French, but differently to call so convex the “mean vyetkongovets“ represented in series would mean to distort against truth). And during series the hero directly faces “the real forces of evil“ (noncommunistic, simply “forces of evil“) which try to do harm “to all good“. And so, these “forces of evil“ - it is repeatedly best of all than “the satanistsky gone mad communists“ (without distinction, whether Vietnamese they, or got confused in communism networks - a Satanism Lee Harvey Oswald). So we will wait a moment to speak about an era of general tolerance and the allowed freethinking. It is necessary to have very high extent of freethinking correctly to estimate the modern level of tolerance.