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How to marry darling.

Hello to you, dear readers.
Today we will talk to you about how to marry darling.

Not to frighten the young man and to achieve though some shifts on the way to an altar, it is necessary to hint slightly it about what can it is worth getting married. The offer of a hand and heart can become very risky the man. It should be done only if you are sure that you will not frighten off future spouse. Besides not any situation will be suitable for such hints, it can be the cozy town capable to force it to relax.
how the man will behave further, and it is necessary to build the tactics. And options there can be a little, a most successful of them - it is when the man, having slightly departed from shock, nevertheless makes the counter proposal.
If the man did not like your desire moreover and called the reason of it, proceeding from the obtained information, it will be possible to process further it correctly.
If the man is afraid of a marriage from - that lived in an unfortunate family, then special approach as the potential husband is afraid not so much of marriage, how many failure is necessary here. In this case it is the best of all to try to overpersuade him in it, having forced to think that life of his parents and him - these are different things.
Course of actions. to distract the man or even to overpersuade
that not all marriages are unfortunate it is necessary to say more often with it about how there are a lot of happy families around, it is especially good to cite as an example familiar happy families. It is possible to invite them on a visit with the purpose they told about the relations. Only you should not abuse talk of this sort not to seem persuasive and unconvincing for the man.
If as argument against marriage, he says that he does not want ANY MORE, the man needs to be called on a straight talk, to try to let it know that not the institute of marriage in general is guilty of its failure but only two spouses. At discussion of such subjects the man needs to be convinced that, realizing the mistakes in last marriage, he will not repeat them in the present. And two should work on it. If the man feels any fears of a new marriage, then it is impossible to treat them, as nonsense or obstinacy at all. It can painfully wound and forever push away from you the potential husband.
If the man refuses a marriage, will not reach something yet (will not buy the apartment, the car yet, it will not be executed thirty yet, will not find decent work etc. yet) and in this case you should not despair. If aspirations of the man are adequate and quite real, then he needs to let know that you and nobody else will not be able to support so him in these undertakings. Besides and the wife can earn some money, plus the friends who are engaged in real estate, and all this together, in total, is capable to achieve its cherished dream much quicker. The most important in this &ndash option; it is valid to want to help it, and very clearly to show it it!
If cannot call aspirations of the man concrete, for example, he marries only after achieves a certain progress in career, it is necessary to let it know here that the marriage not only will not prevent it to go towards the aim, but also will help it, namely will help to cope minor household problems.
If the man begins to convince that for a long time one got used to live, and nobody is necessary to it, then here he can be overpersuaded too. For this purpose he just needs to be tamed, i.e. to force to get used to itself. For example, each day off to indulge pies or pancakes, to discuss all day news, or just to find common cause. The most important that these undertakings became habitual that it could not do without them. All this will help to achieve that this man one fine day will understand that he will not be able to live without the second half any more.

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