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Hello to you, dear readers.
Today I bring to your attention several councils how to subdue the woman.

Rule number one.
you, of course, spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, your boots are always perfectly pure, and shirts are snow-white and ironed. But nowadays the woman became far more prosy, than the young lady of the beginning of the last century, and from your hussar look she does not sink into a joyful faint. Interests her more whether you have a case where you hang up a shirt, and galoshniyets where you put boots whether on the last money these objects of a toilet how many rooms in the apartment and also whether you have the car in order that your remarkable boots quickly were not worn out are bought. The one who will answer these questions in the affirmative can count on something bigger, than evening at Weeping willow movie theater.

Rule number two.
the Woman of whom you want to take control forever always and everywhere, irrespective of the zodiac sign, dreams to see herself the center of the universe. If you fulfill this elementary wish,
you will take one more big step to the purpose. Shower your girlfriend with compliments, without knowing sense of proportion, - you will not be mistaken. This means is useful to you further - it not worse than powder removes
annoyance and discourages to quarrel.
Rule number three.
Of course, from you will wait for gifts. Do not confuse them to elementary signs of attention (flowers)
and you remember that expensive gift, and unexpected
expensive gift will best of all work not just. In this category it is possible to refer various joint travel, it is desirable far on the South or Hugo - the West. Besides, some passion to economy is inherent in each woman. She saves not because it is economical but because she just did not get used to buy to herself such expensive linen, such expensive watch, such expensive food processor. Well, make
it you - also give the surprise more elegantly that your girlfriend did not feel obliged.
Rule number four.
Gifts, compliments and other trifles made the business, and here to you came it is time to show what you the little giant of big sex. Be not surprised: the woman does not pay any attention that you coped with the task successfully. Why? And unless could be differently?
That at the slightest failure did not accuse you of impotence and other mortal sins, sharp-sightedly watch a condition of the girlfriend. Also do everything as it.

Rule number five.
we dealt With sex, but here trouble - the woman has a weight more of all whims.
One of them - passion to confessions. Here you have to be patient and reasonable.
Listen to everything that it tells, with participation, be it the friend, the elder brother and the father at the same time. It - demonstrations of all your best qualities - from you also wait. Having caught you, the woman as the sweet tooth of whom box of chocolates came the way, strives to jostle in a mouth everything them at once, having caught at the same time all flavoring features.

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