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Be silent and be afraid. Why we do not know the heroes? There are no

, they did not wear long raincoats, hats with big fields and black glasses. Did not move on streets small dashes, hiding behind signposts. And all-... All - turned the real special operation that nobody ever not for the world learned their Secrets. They sold the apartment in Moscow and bought in Mytishchi. But did not begin to drive until their “adventure“ did not come to the end. You never know … the Girl smoothly lists to

names of grandsons of the Prima donna, but finds it difficult to answer that for guys now in space. With her friend it is better: he does not remember names of children, but knows that “someone on ISS lives now“. The clear head - the boy, on ISS really live - 30 - I am the main expedition among which the Russian astronauts Anton Shkaplerov, Anatoly Ivanishin, Oleg Kononenko. But it is already the answer to “five points“. For now sorry, friend, “two“. Learn materiel!

“Not we such, life such, - someone will tell. - Push any nonsense in the head, and the necessary things pass by“. And why pass? Because, what is not shown, not told? The answer is incorrect. Because to us as to Bumbarash, “to naplyavat - to naplyavat“.

Mar Petrovna and Tamara Petrovna - new neigbours in Mytishchi. Petrovnam usually it is necessary most. They know much. But it is still half-troubles. They speak much. And it is already trouble. Therefore the main thing - to sustain their cross-examination, to remember the well-known poster “Do Not Stir!“

Many people know who such Maria Yeliseyeva ? I see. It is much more interesting who and where filled silicone. And Maria Yeliseyeva is a remarkable artist, the founder and the head Rehabilitation - the art center “Maria`s Children“. The Center is engaged in creativity and children - orphans, children with special needs, graduates of boarding schools get a new view on life. The center was never the banal circle “Skilful Hands“ just because some of his visitors have no hands …

“1993. September … We entered, greeted, the situation was very tense, the teacher did not understand at all what we do here. It was unusual that strangers came to a boarding school.

We ask: “Well, and what you still here do except that you watch TV?“ And teacher: “And we still are able to sing, dance. Well - children, were quickly constructed!“ At first Zhanna with Pasha danced for us the Pole, and then she everything - constructed their in a row, and children sang the song about the Homeland. The show is heart-breaking: there are children`s home children, snotty, not well-groomed, with hungry eyes, and sing the song about the Homeland“. (from memoirs of M. Yeliseyeva) But here piece - about the Bryansk geeks who killed the baby all know

, and about “Maria`s Children“ - no... as though they are absent...

Whether the lover knows a sopelok and a pykhtelok on a subject: “Well, why he threw me?“, who such Tatyana Velk - Uglanova ? Is not present? Therefore threw that the little fool.

Tatyana rallied the many thousands fansky movement of admirers of Michael Jackson around the only purpose - the help to cancer patients to children. On the account of their organization, “Rainbows of hearts“, the saved lives, the sea of balloons, holidays and smiles.

But not only it. These are tens of the young people healthy and happy, involved in real process of the help. And could having clung ride to “Sapsan“ or with stockings on the head in temples to jump. Those who are more senior look for financing; those who are younger - help work. Yes, free work is charity too. Aaa, you did not know! Not all can be rescued. Happens that fight for someone for years and all the same... But Tatyana considers that there are no empty efforts in this case. The main thing to win against the main enemy - indifference.

In our century of technologies, TV, in our computer century
we will not take an excess step, we will send kilobytes,
of Subjects is more to whom foreign person,
not seeing light behind a wall of hospital chamber is interesting?

Yes here only what with stockings on the head, all know, and these for some reason are not present... Why we do not know the heroes? We wait when they do not become? That, having brushed away an avaricious tear from a face, bitterly to sigh: “There were people not that now...“ Yes there were they and is! Just we do not see them and we do not want to see.

They needed year to consider “operation“. A year more left on wanderings, circulation on instances, gifting of the mighty of this world. It is necessary only - not to spoil one the end. Therefore it is easy to smile and go, from a hip. They made nothing of that kind, anything special. However, people!

Strange, strange world. Sent SMS - ku to number of the charitable organization - the sucker, it divorce! Gave money to the granny in transition - faugh, the sucker! Complained of the principal - the extortioner - twice the sucker, set up also itself, and the child! Interceded for the person and suffered - the fool who asked you to climb! Condemned the geek - sit under a bed for the rest of the natural, be afraid of punishment.

Once A.S. Pushkin wrote that “in silence the good has to be created“. In our world when the person, having met rudeness, impudence and lie, is afraid to open a mouth not to lose health, it is a way in anywhere. The good has to shout at full blast. For only one reason - to outvoice the evil. Otherwise it will never win. And if it does not win, then why we then live?

Well, that`s all. All documents are processed, fairy tales are told, cordons are passed. It is possible to fail quietly in a bed and to be forgotten till the morning. Though what there till the morning. Now till the morning long will not be. They have her is their daughter. Snuffles in a cradle, ridiculously wrinkling a nose.

Very soon neighbors will look for similarities to parents. Also will surely find. And on genetics will not begin to expostulate, to be whispered behind the back, to point a finger. Nobody ever learns that it is a reception. So everything at it will be good.