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Everything that becomes - to the best.

Everything that becomes, - to the best!
Who and when told it and that he meant this someone - riddle. But search of primary sources of this expression is led to Voltaire`s book famous to us - as Great Thinker and philosopher of the age of Enlightenment, and unknown - as son of the notary! and Great Anti-semite.
In French this phrase sounds so - Tout est pour le mieux dans le meillleur des mondes possibles. (All to the best in this the best of the worlds). Also there is Voltaire in this quote paraphrased precepts from the Torah or Moiseyev of the Pentateuch. Here as happens!
K to what it I? Ah yes, with this phrase I live already many years! Since nearly made a big mistake in the life. And not only mine, it could turn to other course and life of my wife and other relatives … what business &ndash was
A here; living in the hot Central Asian republic which gained independence (from the USSR and, I believe, from obligations to the citizens) I conceived to emigrate!
the Main issue became - where? I asked
of Whoever - everyone offered the &ndash option; from Canada to Australia … The best friend suggested to go with him to Great Britain, he gathered there, under the contract for work in Foggy Albion, the girlfriend of the childhood went in marriage to the USA, at the wife the best friend went with three children to Israel and called, by all means, on a visit, and my parents were silent as they were long ago divorced, and were Russians. And where to go Russian as not to Russia! Oh twist
! That is Yo. P. R. S. T. (Fir-trees, Why Russian Difficult So!)
After long and painful thoughts, searches of all possible relatives abroad, we with the wife stopped on two &ndash options; Russia or Israel!
lived In Russia the three times removed aunt, it seems as, ready to help, and Rimma (I already spoke about the wife`s girlfriend) went to Israel, and she knew - where precisely it is necessary to go! But … There was one, only one and main HO - neither I nor my wife were Jews!!!
So and many Jews in the USSR were Russians. Then - at the height of socialism it was not fashionable to be the Jew according to the passport (the well-known Fifth column)!
- And that from that, - as Rimma spoke. - It is necessary to find in a family tree what - nibud Jewish back! And to grow in itself!
At the wife of such “backs“ did not appear, but it appeared - that I have many Jewish characteristic features; I liked to read and argue much, loved the Jewish jokes, boiled chicken and herring “under a fur coat“ (Russified option of a forshmak) …
I so, having seen off Rimma in the commanded Erets Izrael, we descended in Dry where explained us modus operandi for successful resettlement in the Promised Land.
A was necessary all - anything; to enter the society of “Evangelists“ connected with Sokhnut and helping leaving to Israel with arrangement and the settlement, to give them part of money from sale of unnecessary property in “new life“, to circumcise me and still … the trifle - to replace her nationality in metrics (birth certificate) of the late grandmother (from the Russian, so, - on necessary).
the Metrics, unfortunately, was lost … But we did not despair, having solved everything - for a start to go to Israel - as tourists, we filed documents on the visa ….
I refused to us! It was the stab in the back!
- They do not want to let us in the Israel! Well it is also not necessary! - I solved, rejoicing about myself to disposal of trimming procedure, of chants in “Society“ (in sect), and from some mockery over memory of the grandmother!
In a couple of years when began to live absolutely poorly in “eggplant paradise“, we went to Russia …
For about a year we went &ndash there; here - on earnings. Then submitted the application for R. F.
I nationality at last became Russians!
we live on rental apartments Since then, saving up inconceivable money for the housing, and being proud of freedom in the country where nobody is necessary to anybody also nobody for anything does not answer (absolute freedom)!!!
Meanwhile, at Rimma grew up children, she preferentially privatized the big three-room apartment in the small cozy town, near border with Lebanon, found to herself the husband - too the repatriate from the USSR.
They live not bad, amicably. Children serve in Israel Defense Forces (army of Israel), save up money for training in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION and sometimes remember the half-starved childhood in antecedents in the poor one-room apartment as a bad dream.
A I on the “Jewish“ habit to reflect, sometimes think - and at the grandmother that not everything was pure in relatives! And that how to explain what again pulls me to make a mistake - to leave Fatherland Native, such one and unique where the level of freedom reads off scale dirt at entrances where on half a year snow where the Power and the people &ndash lies; in itself are also crossed only on elections (well on roads when thousands of cars stand and signal, passing a train No. 1 or No. 2), to go to this the small, warm and such attracting Israel …