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How there is an avocado? Users of the World wide web often ask

how there is an avocado? More than once I had to hear something like “avocado - it is tasteless“. As a rule, those who are not able to choose correctly avocado, or as it is called still so speak, to Perseus American.

The unripe fruit really will not bring any pleasure. How to choose avocado and how to define an unripe fruit? In - the first, it rigid, whereas a mature fruit soft to the touch. At easy pressing feeling such that under a thin skin butter hid. Outside avocado can darkly have - green color. The most tasty fruit almost black outside and light-green inside.

So, a choice was made. Now we will talk about how avocado is. Do not eat an avocado stone at all! The substances which are contained in it are hazardous to health of both the person, and an animal. The use of a stone in food can lead to serious complications in bodies of a gastrointestinal tract, the allergy is possible.

It is useful for everything to use avocado, especially to the people suffering warmly - vascular diseases. Vitamins A and E, the avocados which are a part, are useful to skin. And oleic acid promotes reduction of content of cholesterol in blood.

The pulp of avocado tastes like pleasant weight from butter with greens. On my taste, the most gentle avocado - with a soft taste of a nut. But such fruits come across not always.

I very much like taste of avocado, but here the dish should stand - and it gets unpleasant serovato - a brownish shade, almost same, as from the stale banana. Earlier I tried to prepare avocado dishes in the last turn, directly before the giving for a table. But it is not always convenient. Sometimes, that stay on a threshold, and I still in kitchen. I so do not love. There is a wish that to arrival of guests everything was already on a table.

At one time I in general refused dishes with avocado. But somehow incidentally I wanted to fill shrimps avocado salad with lime juice. What my surprise when both through 5, and in 40 minutes of avocado did not change color was. Later I found confirmation - juice of a lemon or lime really does not allow avocado to be oxidized.

Avocado - a stick - a lifesaver for supporters of vegetarian kitchen . It is added to many salads instead of meat products. It turned out that vegetarian Russian salad salad is very tasty. Instead of meat and eggs use avocado. And make mayonnaise independently.

For this purpose take soy milk (150 ml), sunflower oil (300 ml), apple cider vinegar (3 tablespoons), mustard (2 tablespoons) agave syrup (1 Art. of l) can be replaced with 1 h l. sugar, salt (1,5 h l). Milk has to be cold. All ingredients, except sunflower oil, should be placed in the mixer of high power. To put to shake up. Very carefully and slowly to enter all sunflower oil there. You do not hurry that oil carefully mixed up. Shake up until the mass of a consistence of dense sour cream turns out. Dress with this mayonnaise Avocado Russian Salad salad.

Believe, it is very tasty! I am not a supporter of vegetarian kitchen, but I very much like this meatless salad and eggs. The only thing that I want to note, - agave syrup not to measure rather expensive pleasure, but advantage for health by money.

Eat with advantage and pleasure!