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How to fry pelmeni?

How to fry pelmeni? You will tell that pelmeni should be cooked? And I like fried pelmeni. Recently I often experiment, and every day results are pleasant to me more and more.

How to fry pelmeni? It is possible in two ways.

1. Previously having boiled to readiness, then to shift to the warmed frying pan and to fry from all directions.

2. To put the crude pelmeni which are (not frozen) on a frying pan that they did not concern among themselves, and also it is good to fry.

In either case I would advise to use butter. But this matter of taste. Someone likes to fry pelmeni on fat, someone only on melted butter, and someone suits only taste of vegetable oil. The choice for you.

If you are not an admirer of the simplest decisions, then it is possible to prepare more difficult dishes. For example, the pelmeni fried with an omelet.

How to fry pelmeni with an omelet?

It is simple to make pelmeni with an omelet, but the skill will be required. The main highlight in preparation of the omelet. Be trained to fry an omelet in advance, and all the rest at you precisely will turn out from the first.

We fry pelmeni on any of above-mentioned ways. Let`s make a breakfast for two. This dish quite will approach as the person on duty for March 8.

We will take 300 grams of pelmeni, 1 tomato, greens what is loved by you and your half. We spread pelmeni on a frying pan with the warmed butter. While pelmeni are fried to a ruddy crust, we do mix for an omelet.

We take 5 eggs, water on volume is twice less, than occupy eggs, 1. The 5th tablespoons of mayonnaise, salt to taste. Carefully we mix products.

We cut tomato on thin slices (I so love, you can cut it as it is pleasant to you more). When pelmeni are reddened, add the cut tomato. Distribute it evenly on all frying pan. It is not necessary to fry tomato strongly, literally one or two minutes that it was a little softened. Then fill in tomato pelmeni with omletny mix. Cover a frying pan. Do not forget to lower fire that the dish did not burn slightly.

In order that it turned out not just tasty, but also it is beautiful, hook an omelet a shovel that liquid mix accurately flew down under already grabbed omelet. If you hook thus an omelet several times, at you surprisingly beautiful dish will turn out. Do not forget to raise an omelet from a bottom that there not stiffened omletny weight flowed too.

If you doubt the culinary abilities, then as option, for preparation of pelmeni with an omelet it is possible to use the crock-pot. For this purpose grease a form with butter, lay out the fried tomatoes pelmeni on a bottom, fill in with omletny weight. Put to prepare on the Roasting mode. Check readiness, accurately opening a cover and observing whether the omelet thickened.

A final stroke - a wide shovel lay out pelmeni with an omelet on a plate and strew with small cut greens. Now you know how to fry pelmeni, surprise with the art friends and the family!

Serve pelmeni on a table with surprisingly tasty sauce.

For preparation of sauce take: vinegar (40 ml), water (10 ml), mustard, it is better French (1. 5 tablespoons), salt, black ground pepper (to taste). Water is not obligatory in this recipe. You can experiment with proportions. Also the sauce consisting of the ketchup and mayonnaise mixed in the ratio 1:1 is tasty with pelmeni.

Bon appetit!