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You want to subdue the “Everest“? Drink water!

If the mountain covers with itself others - means, you yet not at top

At half past six a.m. Ad and Norki (their friends so called) left tent and appeared on snow. Piled up oxygen devices on shoulders and went to top. … In four and a half hours their initial enthusiasm began to turn into gloomy exasperation.

Minks moved slowly. Ad is considerably tired too, two hours working with an ice axe.

Cutting down steps around the next ledge, Ad with stupid indifference thought: Whether “We still for a long time will be enough?“ But, having looked forward, he saw that monotonous raising of a crest stopped. Besides, it began to fall abruptly.

Far under them the view of the Northern saddle and a glacier Rongbuk opened. Ad darted a glance up. From top they were separated by a very narrow and short snow crest. Some more blows an ice axe on firm coarse-grained snow... Some more last steps... And all majestic highland appeared under them.

The great relief was the first feeling of Ad. It was not necessary to cut steps any more, to cross crests and to bend around snow ledges.

The person Norki was hidden an oxygen mask with the icicles which were hanging down from it, by a hood and glasses-lens. And still Ad noticed an infectious and joyful smile with which Norki looked around. They shook hands each other. Embraced and patted each other on a back, did not begin to choke yet. It occurred at 11 hours 30 minutes on May 29, 1953.

Agree, for the sake of such minutes it is worth having “top“ and it is continued to aspire to it.

Water - the most important factor of their success

John Hunt directing that British expedition expressed to

gratitude to all who promoted it. And who gave advice every day to drink a lot of liquid.

Need to drink a lot of liquid at big height is caused by its intensive losses at breath. Small humidity and density of air increase intensity of evaporation of water through lungs. Besides the lowered density induces climbers to breathe more deeply and more often to deliver to organism cages enough oxygen.

Measurements during expedition of 1953 established that within a day through lungs 1,4 - 2,0 liters of liquid evaporated. It is 3-4 times more, than in middle latitudes at height close to sea level.

Also considerable part of liquid can be lost when sweating climbers. In particular right in the sun. On Cho Oyyu in May, 1952 at the height of 5800 meters temperature on the sun reached 69 about Pages

began to define Amount of liquid necessary for an organism during expedition of 1952 on Cho Oyyu and continued on Everest. Calculation of the devastated mugs of soup, tea and lemonade showed that climbers drank from 2,8 to 3,9 liters of liquid a day. At the same time urination was normal. It was a sign that consumption of liquid matched the need of an organism.

The lack of liquid would aggravate fatigue and weakness of climbers. In addition to that fatigue and weakness which were caused by height.

Apparently, it also happened to the previous Swiss expedition in May, 1952. Its participants before storm, within three days, drank less than 0,6 liters on the person in days. The top was not given them. And, meanwhile, liquid lay at them under legs. It was only necessary to kindle it.

of Zhidkostno - food addictions of subjugators

Unfortunately, the mankind did not see Edmund of Hillary, the first stepped into Everest, at the moment of its triumph. His workmate, Norgay Tenzing, was an excellent gorovoskhoditel. But did not deal with a camera.

Fortunately, Hillary left us detailed records about those drama events. Including, about a diet of climbers.

So, in the morning on May 27 when furious wind did not allow to move forward closer to top, climbers drank hot water with dissolved in it by lemon acid and sugar. Also chewed biscuits.

On May 28 when wind ceased, necessary for storm was succeeded to deliver all to the greatest possible height. Companions went down. And Ad and Norki began to level the platform and to establish on it tent. After a decline they crept inside and drank a huge amount of liquid. Then arranged a quite good dinner from the available delicacies. Were present at it: sardines, jam, ship`s biscuits, dates, apricots in a tinned look and honey.

On May 29 after 4 - x o`clock in the morning Ad and Norki kindled a kerosene stove. Also drank a huge number of lemon juice with sugar. Then ate the last box of sardines with ship`s biscuits. During descent from top they freshened up with the sugared lemonade.

Already these not numerous examples show how great value was attached by participants of expedition to liquid consumption. And water was a basis of all liquids (drinks and soups), steadily. It was got from abounding around snow and ice. Melting the last on special mountain kerosene stoves.


Dear reader!
If you have a purpose, and you want to reach it,
relying on the forces, do not forget that
is the mighty ally of your health -
simple clear water .