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Prophetic dreams happen? You judge.

Prophetic dreams happen? I will tell you byl.
of All a few years ago I was the convinced atheist, did not trust either dreams, or prophets - believed the reason and the experience. Then I did not know that big secrets are revealed to reason through big pain. To me such pain came, and dreams which parted forcibly my mind sleeping began to dream as it appeared. Or I exaggerate? You judge.
Dream. 2005. “I see the dial from paper. I know that it is hours of Russia.
in the middle of the dial two flat metal rings with teeth, one on another. Diameter of the lower ring is approximately twice more than top. One tooth of each ring has a knife in the form of a braid or a leg, or figures L. Teeth on both rings of almost identical size, and knives identical. Rings move towards each other, and their knives together with them. Top, smaller, the ring rotates clockwise, and lower, bigger - counterclockwise. Gears stand in parallel each other, but move synchronously as though teeth cling in one invisible image to teeth another. When knives meet, cut off sector of one hour on the paper dial. When I saw hours, sectors 9 - 00 - 8 - 00 and 8 - 00 - 7 - 00 (two hours) were not any more, and on their place the black chasm gaped. On my eyes two knives met and cut off sector 7 - 00 - 6 - 00. The triangle of sector of hour 7 - 00 - 6 - 00 was gray color as evening light. On its place the same black infinity, as on 9 - 00 - 8 - 00 and 8 - 00 - 7 - 00 opened. The hour arrow specifies for six hours, and there is no minute hand. The man`s voice speaks to me: “Now in Russia six hours“.
On the dial of hours from 9 - 00 to 12 - the 00th color gray, and with 12 - 00 to 6 - 00 light-as in the afternoon, there are no sectors with 9 - 00 to 6 - 00 - it time passed. Hours with 9 - 00 to 6 - 00 went in the opposite direction.
For Russia time was counted from 9 - 00 o`clock. Three hours: with 9 - 00 to 6 - 00, - Russia lived - so show these hours. In the center of the dial as if a camera lens. When knives meet, it opens. They cut off sector of hour - it is closed. It seems that hours are so remembered that hour passed, and somewhere this information is stored or leaves to other invisible rings.“ Nearly two years I much of this dream did not understand
: that there is Time and as it can go back why rings two and move they towards each other that two knives mean. And it is suddenly unexpected among day when I hurried on affairs and did not think neither of dreams, nor about hours at all, in my imagination there was a picture.
Ya saw Earth, as from space. Light of the sun left one hemisphere, giving way to night, and light comes to the opposite side of the planet - day began. And along with this “daily“ light wave there is a “annual“ wave: in one hemisphere the longitude of day increases, and in another decreases. As time on the earth is connected with a sunlight, and it is possible to describe its movement on the spherical planet as counter rotation of two rings. In time there are equinox points - midday when two “knives“ meet: “Thousand years as one day and one day, as one thousand years “ (From the Bible).
People are mistaken when they think that time on all planet moves only forward and identical to all!
Time takes away days a millennium and, the millennium vynosiv them, will return in one afternoon. Many run, but one is the first only.
How many hour and year of Big Time and hour and year of Small Time lasts on terrestrial calculation? When on terrestrial hours their general midday cuts off hour and to what geographical district it will belong?
Perhaps, were able to calculate ancient and foreknew where they on the earth and when there come border points - points of turns, and could escape from the threatening troubles, having moved to safe places or from a border adverse point of the earth in the best? Perhaps declines of one civilizations and blossoming of others are connected with it?
Scientists say that ancient Maya left the cities and forgot the road to the majestic temples without the reasons seen for us: neither natural disasters, nor deadly epidemics, nor cruel conquerors. Perhaps calculated that the best time of their civilization passed and just left to base new in other place and on favorable turn of Time again quickly to reach blossoming?
“Observe time - days are crafty“, and day by day
“Everything is good in its season, and time of any food under the sky:
“time to be born, and time to die; time to be silent, and time to speak;
time to love, and time to hate;
time to war, and time to the world.“ (the book of Ekklesiast or Preacher 3, 1 - 8)
Perhaps, it is a calendar: to one big double period there correspond 28 small periods (fourteen double), - and at the same time a prophecy of the events corresponding to each of them?
On the hours which dreamed me extreme hour of Big Time and extreme hour of Small Time met halfway each other, squeezing time in Russia. They met - in Russia there were 6 hours. Now extreme hour of Big Time moves away from us and extreme hour of Small time moves away &ndash too; “the breath“ - expansion of time for Russia - time of global historical changes begins. In Russia six hours, and on the opposite side, how many? There too time of huge changes. Likely, there too six hours: at one “new moon“, and at others “full moon“? (It turned out that it not so - about it to me was told by other dream.)
For life of each specific person the same law: existence of quiet and rotary points in which it is necessary to be careful sensitive to estimates of the heart - is “good“ or “bad“, circumspectly - active not to take off from Time stream. And we, small, fondly think that all in our hands.
A our task to keep own balance between “+“ “-“to live … (Fig. 1)

Before Easter, dreamed a dream : “I enter some room. Weak light for a moment lit a wall, opposite to a door, and I saw a picture in a massive frame. “Likely, it is an icon. I was included into church“, - I thought and went forward, to the center. Stopped before an analogion. On it the wooden icon without salary lies. It all in the dark, only a circle is lit with bright part of this icon - Christ`s face, size about my palm. And suddenly on It very bright this world, as light of the moon as though from within a tree, the crucifixion cross appeared:
the first crossbeam connected eyes,
second - ears through a nose,
third - a mouth,
and the vertical line - through all person from hair to a chin. (fig. 2)
In my consciousness an image of his crucified body, was as if combined with this cross on its face, and in a dream I understood that the human body suffers and perishes, tormented by emotions, crucified on sense organs. Hands are beaten where the person has ears, and legs where language, and will go there where language will lead. The way and affairs depend on the word.“

Having woken up, I thought that the person really the slave of feelings and the sufferer of an emotional cross, and to the death is not present to it simplification, and he is doomed to hang on this cross alone.
Passed more than a year, and the unexpected inspiration suddenly came: not on a human face I saw a crucifixion cross, and on Christ`s face. The person can live now rejoicing, but not suffering, all our tortures and diseases God, from a body of the Son, undertook. But people do not rejoice because they do not know the God`s Word, do not listen to it heart, and live the own way. And not that BELIEVED that God is is unexpected I, I UNDERSTOOD - IT is, and essence of Christianity.

There passed six more years. Suddenly this dream was again brightly remembered, having designated the important fact in consciousness: the cross of a crucifixion appeared not on a live face of Christ, and through a dry tree on the written Christ`s face. Live Light appeared through lifeless matter and the person the created idea of the Son by Bozhy.

Went to bed. Told, confused by disbelief: “My God, tell me who You that I understood are“. Dreamed that I is close - close I look in an asinine ear, and the voice speaks to me: “I am Voice and Hearing at the same time. You itself said that an ear - a throat - a nose - one body“.
in the Morning I remembered that I really some days before it said to the girlfriend that at antritis the hearing as an ear - a throat - a nose - one body can decrease. But it was short conversation which was quickly forgotten.

Ya I trust this opening: God is the Voice and Hearing at the same time!

Know, a gate in the promised land is opened for everyone, and it is not necessary to turn painfully mind in fruitless places, having refused the Guide. “... - how long the silver chain did not tear, and the gold bandage did not become torn, and the jug at a source did not break, and the wheel over kolodezy » did not collapse; (Ekklesiast 12. 6) look not for joys, but sincere pleasure and the world in heart and in mind. Love Light and Life!
you think. what do prophetic dreams do not happen?