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How to think of good?

Something pulled me on lyrics today. Turned on the pop music and mood at once improved. The two first songs which I heard - “About good to think“ performed by Raisa Said Shah and she performed by Tatyana Ovseenko. I apprehended it as a destiny sign. And why not to reflect on this subject?

How to think about good and whether it is necessary for somebody?

In the head the thought ripened … And yes the truth, we very seldom think of good. Recently, where look - one negative. You will turn on the TV - there pretty often gangster dismantling, militia chronicles and courts, courts, courts … On all channels … And how here to think of good?

And the television can become the great assistant for maintenance of positive emotions. How, having seen the next series of some fighter, it is possible to think of good? Easily! Remember how many troubles and problems the main character worried and as the main character is unfortunate! I am sure that all your problems will seem also not such problems.

And look at the program how the daughter files a lawsuit against mother and tries to deprive of it the apartment. You constantly complain that you live with adult children in one apartment … But your daughter does not file a lawsuit against you, here to you and an occasion to think of good.

From the street the granddaughter in fragmentary panties came running. It is possible to be upset and become angry, of course, on it for carelessness. But remember yesterday`s series in which the girl, having fallen from a tree, broke to herself a leg, and be glad that your girl is live and safe. And clothes - business acquirable. All the same in one or two months to buy new trousers as these would become small … by

By the evening the grandson, slightly tipsy was declared. The first reaction - to make scandal. And who needs it? You forgot a morning series of the movie in which the grandson of the main character got lost in the wood and until the end of a series did not find it … And yours - here he, sits healthy, full, beautiful. What else it is necessary? Only to think about good that tomorrow hop will pass, and your boy will be again obedient though to it already and for thirty …

By the evening felt depressed about that, cht a purse there was not enough money, it will be difficult to hold on to a salary. Well why the husband so earns a little? And you think of good., the neigbour Lidka once again has no husband. And at you - loving, attentive, hard-working. It`s all right that it was not lucky with work a little, but will not leave, as at Svetka the next entrance, to young and beautiful. To young people from men aged what is necessary? Correctly, money! And your husband has no money! Therefore it from you will not get to anywhere. Well, unless it is not an occasion to think of good?

Preparing for itself for mashed potatoes dinner, you put too much salt in it. It is possible to tear and throw, and it is possible to think about good … “As it is good that today I will make a fasting day on kefir for the organism“...

As you see, any problem can be minimized. “The glass is half full or is half empty?“ As you will treat it, and will be. Try that your glass was always half full. And then life will begin to shine other paints!

From all aforesaid it is possible to draw a conclusion that to think about good it is necessary for maintenance of normal moral atmosphere in a family and for good mood. If to think about good, then all adversities will recede. Because the only thing that it is difficult to endure is a loss of favourite people. And it, fortunately, occurs in life rather seldom. And, by the way, it is one more occasion to think of good. As it is good that life goes on!