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How to diagnose asthma?

When we see the person with heavy breath, short wind or with cough with the whistling rattles, first of all we think of whether this person is infectious. More rare we sympathetically look at it and we understand that, perhaps, it has bronchial asthma - a chronic disease of respiratory organs.

A basis of asthma is the inflammation in respiratory system of the person. Bronchospasms are the reason of attacks of asthma.

How to diagnose asthma?

Hardly it will turn out from only one look. Or rather, it will not turn out at all. Having seen symptoms, it is possible to assume existence of bronchial asthma only. Experts have to diagnose asthma. How to diagnose asthma allergologists and pulmonologists know.

Why it is difficult to diagnose asthma? Symptoms of asthma can be confused with other diseases of bronchopulmonary system. But you have to prick up the ears and visit the doctor if you or your children had symptoms following :

- rattles;

- short wind irrespective of, you sleep or you are awake;

- the frequent wearisome cough preventing your activity;

- cough with office of a phlegm, especially if you notice blood impurity;

- breast pain.

Visit of the doctor will begin with conversation. Be ready to answer the doctor following questions :

- how often you had bronchopulmonary diseases in the childhood;

- how long you had symptoms of which you complain;

- whether there is cough after the increased physical activity or loud long laughter.

After the led discussion the doctor will listen to the patient, using a stethoscope.

If the doctor suspects existence of bronchial asthma, then upon termination of medical examination to the patient full inspection will be appointed.

How to diagnose asthma by means of additional inspections?

to confirm or disprove the fact of a disease of bronchial asthma, it will be required to pass following of inspection :

- thorax X-ray;

- inspection on the computer tomograph;

- research by means of a lung-tester on scoping of the exhaled air;

- allergens test.

And, of course, it will be required to make tests.

Who risks to get sick with bronchial asthma?

people who in a family have patients with asthma enter a zone of an extra risk. The risk to ache with asthma increases at the people working with allergens and irritants. Treat them following of a profession : veterinarians, farmers, workers of harmful chemical productions, jewelers, hairdressers, mechanics, health care providers, producers of rubber and rubber products and so forth. That is at people of those specialties in which there is a close contact with various allergens. Smokers have a good chance to ache with bronchial asthma also with an experience.

However it does not mean at all that only allergens are the reason of developing of bronchial asthma. In the nature there is also not an allergic (endogenous) type of asthma. However, it meets much more less than exogenous (allergic) type. As a rule, are ill this type of asthma of the woman after 30 years, and the disease owing to respiratory infections develops.

How to diagnose asthma for small children?

Pediatricians do not hurry to make the diagnosis “bronchial asthma“ to children till 6 years. It is connected with the fact that the clinical picture of a disease at children is not absolutely clear. But if the child has characteristic symptoms of asthma: rattles, short wind, cough, and these symptoms decrease or disappear absolutely after Ventolin`s application, as a rule, doctors speak about presence at the kid of asthma.

For diagnosing of asthma at children use a provocation method: the load test and inhalation with Metakholin. The first method is check of function of lungs after run. The second method does not influence on healthy kids in any way, patients with asthma will give reaction in the form of short-term deterioration in function of lungs.

Asthma it is possible and it is necessary to treat. The earlier the diagnosis will be made, the treatment will be more successful. Do not start an illness, see a doctor!