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Searches of meaning of life

Searches of meaning of life   -   infinite process. It as flight behind the horizon. Or it is better to compare to a ladder gold. You remember as in the song? Gold ladder   -   without handrail.

How to find itself?
And so the looking for meaning of life, goes on steps of a gold ladder. And rising by the second step sees the third. And having risen by the third   -   meets the fourth. This way is infinite and on it leaves much, it is a lot of lives. One is clear. That who followed a way of search of meaning of life. Will not be able to stop in search of the truth any more.

You remember the fairy tale about Danila Master? It left to the hostess of the Honey mountain, to create the stone flower. Left so that lost interest in terrestrial pleasures of life. The pursuit of perfection exhausts also at times, there are no forces any more to stop and the more so to return.

Following a way of search of meaning of life   -   there is a wish to advise. Learn humility   -   friends . Without humility with the imperfection   -   on the way of search of meaning of life   -   you are waited by one disappointments. Many people went on this way. It is a lot of footpaths iskhozheno. A lot of valuable experience is acquired. But whether someone found, this meaning of life? And how not to be lost in way? How to find forces   -   to return   -   HOME?

As well as in the fairy tale about Danila - the master, has to be will find strong incentive to come back home. As a rule   -   it   -   LOVE. Love to perfection   -   calls in infinity. Love terrestrial   -   a precept in life, here and now. What to choose? Where to go? It is also sense of your life. Your choice of a way.

Meaning of life   -   for everyone it is individual. Is not present and never was   -   the general and uniform   -   meaning of life. Everyone is on the way   -   knowledge of. And at everyone the step on the Gold Ladder. And at each step   -   the tasks and the meanings. It is possible to speak about similarity and proximity. But not about uniform meaning of life.

As a rule, our environment and the place where we are born, already assume all necessary conditions for finding of meaning of life. As a rule   -   Meaning of life   -   it is simple as well as all ingenious. Meaning of life in the life. Sounds naively, but how many it is given life for finding it the answer. Meaning of life in the life. It is so simple. And it is so difficult.

Only having realized itself the soul living in eternity we find meaning of life. Meaning of life   -   outside Life. Very difficult to the grasshopper living in more densely grass to see and realize scales of all wood and even a glade. And in human life.

Meaning of life of the person on Earth   -   it is covered in heart of this person. There in heart   -   white on black it is written. Who you are for what was born where you go and that has to make in this life. It is enough to look in the heart. To glance more deeply. And everything will rise on the places. Also it will not be necessary to go anywhere and nothing to look for. Everything is already given. And everything is already found. The meaning of life is in learning itself where you were put by God. Day after day. Year after year. We recognize ourselves and in this knowledge of, we learn greatness   -   GOD.

To find Itself! to Find the place before God. Before by itself. Here in what meaning of life. To remember the one who you are For what returned to Earth? What has to make? To whom has to? Yes to of course. Only to. Here also repay debts to yourself. In it there is also a sense of your life. Debts to   -   it is the life lived without   -   LOVE.

Per every day without love. For each word without love. For each action without love. You in a debt at.

Life without Love   -   it does not make Sense. Do not look for it. It is a mirage. Illusion. You look for what   -   no. If love   -   is not present   -   in your heart   -   You will never find it in this World.

It will be compromises. It will be patience. It will be sufferings. But only not love. There is nothing outside, not seeded in your heart.

Here and meaning of life. It in storing the heart in Love. In memory of God. In a pamyatovaniye about soul and its rescue

the Brother Sergy