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OMON - voyage of

the Extreme - Russia tour for foreign tourists - “Walk across Moscow“ of
Dear ladies and gentlemen. The OMON - Voyage travel agency invites you to visit the most unpredictable, most not dull city of Europe. Now it is not necessary to go behind adventures and adrenaline to Congo and Somalia any more. All this
you waits for everything at three o`clock flight from Frankfurt or London. Our guide will meet you at the Moscow airport and will provide a traffic to the center of the Russian capital which call precisely OMON recently - city. you will be left to
In the center of the Russian capital one and … Adventures begin!
your task to pass a usual walking step around the Moscow Kremlin, on streets the Arbat and Ostozhenka. To visit Pushkin and Manezhnuyu Square. To reach Pure ponds and a monument to Heroes of Plevna. And also to find and to safely pass the cult place of modern Moscow - Bolotnaya Square. And safely to return to the hotel. Chance of success - about 50%. It is slightly less, than on a safari in the Republic of Chad. But much more, than at visit of camp of fighters in Somalia!
to you will be interfered in every way by “bad guys“ - OMON fighters. They on appearance something remind the Robocop from our cult movie.
Nothing white on you has to be! Otherwise local robocops - OMON fighters the bludgeons will tickle you on edges and only then will ask the passport. If you want that adventures proceeded - send them on fak and show a middle finger. The fascinating and free trip around the city in the tourist Paddywagon bus is guaranteed to you. You can see from it Lenin Mountains, Luzhniki and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. But you can go in full ignorance where you will be carried. The same unforgettable adventure with the unclear final!
Such rounds is only only in our agency “OMON - Voyage“! Only 3 000 euros and memoirs for the rest of life plus and the copy of the protocol on detention to you are provided to the photo from “Paddywagon“.
are given by Everyone: the helmet, goggles and a portrait of the Russian President which should be born directly before itself and to scare away them counter OMON fighters.
Moscow - the new word in an extreme tourism. Further it is planned to organize similar rounds and in other cities of Russia.
OMON - voyage waits for you!