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Where to look for a support? In love!

Give me a point of support, and I will move heaven and earth. Who wrote? Talented scientist! Scientists and writers put many works to find this point of support, and composed mountains of books - fruits of the looking for mind.

A point of support - a valuable treasure which really should be found to sleep peacefully with a clear conscience, to have the sincere world and warm pleasure - necessary acquisition for health and progress.

And I the mind looked for it. I believe that found. Follow my thought, and you will see it.

So on what to stand and be approved to the person and two to increase the force and that no tests shook and did not ruin?

The reason looks for the word to learn.

In the world two words: Word of the Creator and word human. The word the Creator created the world - visible and invisible.

The person creates too - visible things and invisible, but effective words. Also the person most often studies, listening to words of other person. But happens and so that the reason learns through pain of a body in which it lives.

The people of books in Russia did not read, centuries were illiterate. After elimination of general illiteracy - read, but not that surely and it is necessary for advantage - communists did not resolve. But also now something disturbs at least for the sake of curiosity, without rising from a sofa, “to listen“ to the tsar Solomon and to learn for the sake of what there were to it tsars of the people and wise men. We are fans grabel?

So on what we stand in visible the world? In the visible world - a body of people costs on the earth!

The earth is what? ( or and Who? ) Earth is a soil and the motionless plane for this purpose who costs on its surface. The earth is a moving volume body for this purpose who flies in a space and sees it from outside. The terrestrial world is double for living in it: visible and invisible. Invisible it is more and stronger than visible. Laws of Life remain in the world invisible. It not to contain all articles in human reason, but to people the veil of the Law hidden from their eyes was slightly opened more than once: to that confirmation ancient letters which were esteemed wise as revelations.

A surface and everything that on it, belongs to Earth. Not we carry Earth, we feed and we protect, and it us therefore it is worth pacifying the arrogance - and when we look with own eyes, we listen ears, we live the own way and we have the will and a freedom of choice - we it, live and died. And everything saved up by our works on It will remain.

And so that to us to be here - to have the right in general to stand, one - preservation and care of the Garden created not by us - observance of the first precept to the first people in paradise has to be the first global motivation to all our actions.

On what mind and heart to stand to keep itself live, joyful, healthy, reasonable and strong? What support for spiritual essence of the person? (Time we animated, live then, we have a soul.)

It is written: “Do not create to yourself an idol and any similarity neither in heaven it is high, nor on the earth below, nor in waters under the earth; yes you will not bow to them, you will serve them“. (Moisey`s precept)

it Turns out 2 of i, there is no worthy worship anywhere in the world which is seen by the person with own eyes! Then it is not entrusted eyes to see the main thing. And the truth, they are deceived: we see - the sun rises and sits down, Earth flat …

“Love your Lord all your heart, both all your soul, and all your understanding. This is the first and greatest precept“. the First - means the beginning, the base of all building, a basis of all motivations and the purpose of any action. This precept says that the person soul, heart and all the abilities to understanding has to stand in Love as in light stream. And should love the Lord .

Your Lord - also belongs to you, and you to Him, as well as your heart, your soul and your ability to understand. So can, God - it you is? And egoism - the benefit if to divide it into the mowing peephole on reasonable and mad?

“Second (precept), similar to it (first precept): love your neighbor as“ (Mf. 22, 37 - 39). it is frequent, quoting this second precept, people claim that she says that it is necessary to love himself and who does not love himself, that is not able to love the neighbor. Not in it the main hidden sense of this precept! The main semantic word here - “similar“ which indicates that your Lord the same personality, certain of you, as well as your neighbor. God is! God independent Personality!

But who is He on the earth? Life, Lyubov, Light and the Way merged together - is God. Invisible in all visible and invisible and in each of us, all and all uniting in one and Itself in Sebha, - Spirit. Spirit - the purest Source as a hobby, the beginning of any person is divine, pure, true.

The spirit of Life is given us in heart as a sun beam - from It pleasure to live, love, reason and the road, conscience and the Word of Truth which we call intuition. God first of all should be looked for in himself and always to remember: It is live, It Life, and It has Sil, Sense and Volya. To love and store primitive purity which in everyone is is the beginning of an enlightenment.

The reason which comprehended meaning of these two precepts - found a firm support on which the person can safely build the house. In the house light and over the house the sun - and all is visible and it is clear.

Here points of support as a hobby, body and mind: they an essence - your Lord ( “yes will not be to you gods others, except Me“ (Moisey`s Precept 1) ), Earth and experience wise, written down in Books.

Now it is necessary to merge the thoughts with the Lord, to become straight and learn to go directly. Love Lyubov! Also you love Lyubov in the flesh. Another, as, equally. God is Light not flickering!

Opened for mortal: “Hromlyushchey it will be seduced“ . It is told: “Do not evade neither to the right, nor on the left“.

Why the prevention is given us not to evade? And what on both sides from person standing here and now? Two robbers - two death: on the right - yours, at the left - your neighbor. Stand directly on the Love stone - Lives in her Sveta, and her Way will direct you to your happy track which is narrow - in one your foot, and independently its the few find.

What means to love? To love - means to rejoice when the neighbor rejoices. To love - means to understand and accept the value of to what the neighbor rejoices. To love - means easily to give the for the sake of this your general pleasure. To love - means to rejoice together! I will be objected: To love - means to suffer. I will tell you: in Love there is nothing negative - there is no shadow as it is not in a sun beam. And pain and sacrifice are a fight for the right to rejoice together - for love.

To love the Lord - means to obey him in everything because He is a Father and the Teacher to your soul, and his Word has to be the law for your mind that mind comprehended, and the body did not suffer. It is written: “Let your word will be “Yes, Yes“ or “Is not present, Is not present“, and all another from the evil“ .

Why one word is repeated twice? We are taught by the Word: that we language spoke “Yes“ in only case when when our soul speaks “Yes“ and that language aloud spoke “No“ when our soul does not agree with offered us and secretly quietly speaks to us “No“ or when to us conscience signals that you broke balance between “I“ and “It“. Such condition - not to evade!

Not for the sake of children it is necessary to live in a family, and for the sake of pleasure to be together. Not the wife is obliged to cling to the husband to grow up their general children, and “the husband will abandon the father and mother of the and will be stuck to the wife, and will be two one fleshes“ . If the husband “was not stuck“ by soul and reason to the wife, then there is no family whole, - there is an aloof cohabitation of “two different hemispheres“ under the same roof. It is written: “Loving the wife loves himself“.

That your pleasure was pure as a spring, and deep as the river, it is important to know: whether is of border of love in the visible terrestrial world? Yes, is. It is written: “There is no that love more - to give the life for the friend the“. Two lives - one for the sake of another - all the same that two lives merged together - in one Life.

And the good and evil - two lives (or death?) - one against another. Not Christians tell “An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth“, it seems, strive for balance. But not on love.

And Light only where Lyubov because She is also Light. Now we speak: “You pray for offended“ , - for the sake of Life. Means, on an edge of time we live - actions of people for live on the earth can be dangerous.

“The river is strong not the power of water, but fortress of coast“, - so my Lord taught me. We are obliged to survive , but without having killed another, and having kept it and having protected itself the word. We love life, and Life loves even more us as it cannot renounce Itself.

And it will fight for us! Too Word! Having opened our reason its sense so that we understood.