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The doomsday approaches from space?

- this date can become on April 13, 2029 decisive in the history of mankind and our planet. Apofis - 300 - a meter asteroid weighing more than 500 million tons, will fly by at distance about 32 thousand km from Earth and if it gets to a so-called “gravitational keyhole“, then will change parameters of the orbit.

And then at the following pass near Earth in 2036 Apofis will rush to our planet with a speed of 45 km/s! Falling of the giant will be followed by a meteoric rain.

Apofis was for the first time found in 2005 by the American observatory of Piles - Peak. The 4th degree of danger was appropriated to an asteroid at once. In the past our Earth was already exposed to blows of asteroids, the pictures taken from space confirm it. What Vredefort Dome of 250 km in size and age cost only about 2,5 billion years! Rather recently visit of Earth the Tungus meteorite was, it happened in 1908. Explosion power when falling then equaled from 40 to 50 megatons that equals to explosion of a powerful hydrogen bomb.

Explosion which will follow at Apofis`s falling is measured approximately in 506 megatons! For comparison, “The tsar - the bomb“ had power around 58 megatons, and it is the most powerful thermonuclear bomb which was ever blown up!

Both Latin America, and the USA can become the place of falling of Apofis, according to different versions. Meanwhile also falling on the territory of Russia is not excluded. The version of falling of Apofis to Quiet and Atlantic oceans is considered. Whether it is worth saying about what will be with the place upon which the space newcomer will fall. Destruction of the cities and even the whole countries is inevitable. If the ocean or the sea is the place of falling, then from epicenter of falling huge waves - tsunami which will sweep away everything on the way will disperse.

By the way, the Flood described in the Bible according to scientists, not fiction, and a historic fact. And it was caused by hit to our planet of a huge asteroid. On one of versions, the death of legendary Atlantis resulted from the accident caused besides by falling of an asteroid in waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the 8498th year B.C. Atlantis died almost instantly, having plunged into the abyss of waters. The Flood and death of Atlantis were promoted by change of magnetic poles of Earth - as a result of blow of an asteroid.

Some scientists consider that you should not dramatize a situation, probability that the asteroid falls to the Ground - by different estimates, 1 to 10 000 or even 3 to 1 000 000. To get to a gravitational keyhole, the asteroid should work, the size of this keyhole is less than a kilometer, to be exact - about 600 meters. Even if with accuracy at an asteroid everything is all right, and it will get to a well in 2029 and then in 2036 falls to the ground - the world accident will not be. The damage which is approximately estimated at 400 billion dollars will be caused, the death of a large number of people, destructions and epidemics is possible. But mankind it will be necessary to live in the main weight.

Other scientists consider that we so easily will not get off and our fate is predetermined. As a result of falling of an asteroid Apofis our planet can change rotation speed round its pivot-center. It means that days will last not 24 hours, but other amount of time. Speed of rotation can change both in smaller, and in the big party. For example, acceleration of rotation of the planet will lead to the fact that the axis of the planet will move and change of magnetic poles as a result approaches. Fast change of magnetic poles will not be painless - for an indefinite term, and maybe forever, the planet will become vulnerable, streams of solar wind and rigid scale - radiation will fall upon Earth. It is already inevitable death of mankind and all live on a planet surface. Besides, the magnetic field of Earth can “be switched off“ and not “join“. So, according to scientists, happened to Mars, literally blew off the atmosphere of the red planet from a surface, and it turned into lifeless giant.

All about 600 space objects which constitute danger to our planet are known. All of them treat group of aton - the asteroids approaching Earth. Diameter of some of them reaches 2,5 km. Asteroids of the size of the Tungus meteorite fall to the Ground with frequency of times in 250 million years and cause continental accident. Asteroids of tens kilometers in size fall to the ground of times in 100 million. years - threat scale global for all planet.

Really the mankind needs only to watch how Apofis approaches our planet, behind that - the asteroid will get to a gravitational keyhole or not? Scientists and politicians of Europe and the USA discuss possible projects of missions to an asteroid. The Russian scientists plan to send to Apofis the spacecraft with the special equipment onboard. The device has to specify an asteroid orbit to define, its collision with our planet is how probable.

There are several options of rescue from an asteroid: to reject its course the special rocket, to blow up, attach the engine which within several years will change its trajectory of flight to Apofis`s body, to smear one of the parties of an asteroid with soot to change its rotation under the influence of a sunlight, to set the special sail catching solar wind.

All possible measures need to be taken for a change of course of Apofis till 2029. 800 meters - distance on which it is necessary to change an asteroid course for rescue of Earth from blow. Delay of death is similar. If the mankind is not in time till 2029, then then it is necessary to change a trajectory for 13 thousand kilometers - we so far at all development of technologies and equipment are not capable of it.

However, perhaps, we will be rescued by the highest forces. There is a theory according to which mother Earth and the mankind inhabiting it is under protection of certain highest forces. These forces interfere only when the mankind is threatened by inevitable death or the situation is close to it. For example, the nuclear plant accident “Fukushima - 1“, according to scientists, had to lead to much more serious consequences. In total to it also went. Radiation reached coast of the USA and suddenly all safely ended?

For anybody not a secret that over nuclear power plant was repeatedly noticed by UFO. And not one, but about ten. They hanged over station, were reconstructed by him it is clear. Perhaps, they did something, helping mankind to get rid or, on extremely measure to soften, accident consequences?

And falling of the Tungus meteorite? Why it fell in a taiga? There is an opinion that originally the meteorite had to fall at 4 - 5 o`clock later and the city of Vyborg had to become the place of falling, at the same time St. Petersburg very strongly would suffer.

Perhaps, these highest forces will rescue our planet and mankind and this time?