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What the woman or feelings against logic wants to hear.

Why article are called “What the woman wants to hear“? Yes because the main misunderstanding in the world from - for the fact that men misunderstand and is interpreted by the feelings which are felt from women. The matter is that women not such straight lines as men, but very strongly want that a strong half understood that a weak half wants. The world is so arranged, the woman will provoke the man to sensual understanding, but not to a straight talk from her party. The woman will never tell that she likes the man or openly will never rush on it, but she will make so that the man himself wanted to approach to it to get acquainted or pay the first it attention. And if the man understands it also knows what to tell, listening to feelings which are caused in him by the woman, then he will be able very just to interact with her as the woman needs this understanding. Of course, if the woman is very wise, then she will find a way how to induce the man to do that it is necessary to it and at the same time he will think still that he not only made it, but also such abrupt that he dared. It is already aerobatics of female wisdom. But we will pass to concrete examples.

If the girl beautifully puts on, then she precisely wants (except for, of course, some cases) what would pay attention to it, paid it a compliment and all men feel it, everything, BUT, not everyone will have enough courage to make that the girl wants. If you the man, then present that to you on a meeting there is a beautiful girl, and beautiful so that it very much and very much to be pleasant to you. You is single, young and you have a desire with it to get acquainted, pay it a compliment, to tell that it fantastically looks. At what, at men it arises as feeling which they are not able (UNDERSTAND WOMEN), just are not able to interpret correctly. If for a weak half it is natural to realize the emotions and feelings, then for a strong half it is a task very much and very difficult as they badly are able to formulate feelings words and furthermore also to embody the desirable the woman in action. On it those men who are able to interpret the feelings consciously, cause “piggy squeal“ in women. Of course, internal “squeal“ as it will not show it it openly, but will let know, and it as already in advance the expert in feelings also will know so, and to understand everything!

What will be made by the guy at best if on a meeting to him go tremendous, from his point of view (I wrote it for a weak half what girls and women knew that all of them are beautiful) the woman. It it is STUPID to ask time or still I crap - nibud nonsense; perhaps, will pass by, and then will catch up and will begin to get acquainted, it seems - “The girl, and it is possible to get acquainted with you?!“. But of course, the girl even such pathetic an attempt will be glad and it is even possible to get acquainted; well not for nothing it pumped so much work into itself today to make up and not simply, and to create the whole work of art on which perhaps left more than an hour, it was possible to choose clothes, style - for the girl it the whole feat … She can even look at the guy or just look crafty, and that suddenly he is a brake in general!? And if the guy decided (as it is direct in the war) even if as is able, then it already for the girl a fat plus for her done work! To the woman it is more important what would pay attention to her not from - for her beauty though it the same is important for it, and simply, estimated her titanic work on improvement of. Of course, everything, to men and women it is pleasant when someone does them a compliment, not for an ego fun, and from - for what is pleasant to us when someone can estimate our works … In it an essence of women which men feel, but cannot understand in any way the linear thinking as a strong half trusts mind more, but not to feelings. So here, how the guy has to behave from the point of view of, and desires of the girl are more right?

I will not answer this question as there is no sense especially as even if I also will write - it will not help. Everything that needs to learn an ilny half correctly to understand women and not to take offense at them is to learn to interpret the feelings and feelings. And for the man it is much simpler, than can seem. There is still such moment as MAN`S ARROGANCE which just very often does not allow a strong half to express the feelings. To it we are taught since the childhood, - not crying, - say, - men do not cry. And men, being afraid that they over us will be to be crumpled, do not give to an exit to feelings, turning themselves into “stones“. The wise person will tell the boy - “It is possible to cry, and here to ACHE is a weakness“. But it is a subject of another story …

the Situation is even worse if the husband and the wife do not understand each other with a word floor. He speaks to it, - “I will go to friends“, - and she pouts and takes offense …. The man begins to be nervous as he does not understand that he told such awful or that he is going to make such illegal. And it, the fact that he pays attention to more friends is possible, just unpleasant, than or can be it, it it is banal is JEALOUS. But the woman never it recognizes that she irritates the man even more. Here already FEMALE ARROGANCE disturbs. And here and take offense at each other all life because everyone does not understand elementary the second half. What, the husband logically can make? It it is simple to take offense itself and to spite will leave to friends moreover and will get drunk from “grief“, and the wife will exhaust herself thoughts of change at this time or just to worry. And here thin moment: if the woman tells that she is jealous - it is explosion for the man if she on the present is dear to it. He will throw for the sake of such case even of “friends“ as it is unexpected, as a real man direct behavior of the wife, will punch it on a tear. Also and the husband who, feeling that the wife is jealous him, running away from a problem, will stay at home and will tell that to him the family is more important than friends. And what you think? The wife will release it at once! How it is simple?! And if you are indifferent for the husband, then why yourself to deceive, let goes wherever one wishes, love cannot be ordered …

If you treat a strong half, just understand that if you liked the girl - it it and wants! You feel it, but your mind speaks, - “Yes well, suddenly it seemed to you how I can be pleasant to it?“ All the matter is that you just are not able to listen to the feelings and it needs to study to establish happy families, not to clash with mothers, sisters, with wives … Or if your wife takes offense at something made or is told by you, then I will tell you that you precisely feel what you not so made, but the reason interferes here and the logic joins that aggravates a situation even more. Throw out garbage from the head, make that prompt you feelings that you lose? Pride? And horse-radish with it! Respect? Whose then?... The woman lives emotions and feelings, and waits for the same from the man, and only on it does not tell you all directly, does not behave openly. But if you learn to trust feelings which are caused in you by the woman or the girl, and to it them will express plus, not to be silent, not to be idle, then … Try, a picture is worth a thousand words) I will tell

A to a weak half that we are just brakes and you should not take offense at us.) But and if it is serious, then be not such avaricious on words if, of course, you feel that you are dear to the man.

Here is how time from - for what the weaker sex trusts feelings and emotions, and strong only to logic, arises HUGE misunderstanding between them. Mind not to understand feeling, and feelings not to feel logic, but women all the same the level of consciousness are higher than men, on it and requirements to them are higher, responsibility has more: every month cleaning of an organism, childbirth, care of children, a home … and it is yet not all list of difficulties of a female share, we did not tell about clothes, a make-up, care of a body and t yet. d …

So I hope that my work on writing of this article will not go to waste and will help men and women it is better to understand each other.