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Self-confidence. How the self-assessment influences health?

All our internal states, and especially those which are connected with any restrictions influence our health. As well as why it occurs?

All aspects of influence of a self-assessment on health can be shared into two big groups: the processes started on behavior and the processes connected with an emotional background of the diffident person.

Behaviour and diseases: what communication?

For example, direct link is: if the person is not ready to a situation in which he can make a mistake, or is not ready to criticism, to some difficulties, achievements - he is physically weaker than other people. That is he not only is not self-assured emotionally, but also corporally does not believe in himself.

If there is no confidence that “I will reach“, “I will receive“, then it becomes much simpler to address opinion of other person, than the.

The people avoiding criticism or situations where it can be difficult where they can feel uncertainly, are ill more often. In this case the illness is an opportunity to escape, hide from a potential mistake, inaccuracy and from opinion of other people on itself.

Whether you know people who constantly get sick before important meeting or the report?

Presented? This that situation. And the most important - when the illness has a psychological basis, it is more difficult to treat her. In this case the illness looks not just as an infection and as “an infection …“. That is there are situations when after an important event which the person everything is passes due to illness, the infection wonderfully vanishes. Or on the contrary - treatment drags on for months.

By the way, diseases on the psychological soil differ in a surprising variety. Today chicken pox, in a week quinsy, and then also with problem skin. For this reason important it is also necessary to understand, “from where legs grow“ at an illness?

Also often people give a possibility of decision-making to other person or do not make any decisions at all - that is are so accurately removed from a situation, relying on the fact that the problem “itself will resolve“. But it is important to understand that the decision is never made itself - it is always accepted by someone. And between these processes and health it is possible to draw a parallel. The person who refuses to make decisions that is, in fact, refuses execution of responsibility, begins to watch less over health and usually begins to take care of the own life not as prevention, and already when “the rooster pecked“.

Still diffident people have less energy. That “vital“ energy which sometimes pulls up trees.

She just has no place to undertake. That is, if the person hides, does not join in processes, does not speak, does not answer, does not reach something - he all the time constrains himself, constrains the energy. And this energy has to come to light! Because if it does not leave, then energy acceptance from the outside too will not be. It turns out that could not be exchanged, and energy has to be in the continuous movement as we know from a school course of physics.

Also leaves that that energy which is inside stands, turns into “an internal bog“, and comes outside of nothing new, does not fill. Well and how to such person to be healthy and cheerful?!

What occurs in the emotional sphere?

Diffident people envy others more often. And this feeling in general is destroying in essence. And it can develop into problems with a stomach, a liver, a spleen etc. subsequently. Not for nothing in the people there is an expression “choleric man“, it just about it. In parallel also problems with weight develop.

Very often diffident people have problems with food. The person or brings himself to exhaustion from - for some disturbing or frightening situations, or begins to eat much, jamming uncomfortable states, negative emotions etc. Such person gains weight, becomes uncertain even more, again jams … Generally, vicious circle.

Still uncertain people are afraid more often, and fears lead to various diseases, most often it diseases is warm - vascular system or a gastrointestinal tract. As such people do not lead active lifestyle (and how its messages if any activity is a presentation of to the world, so a possible mistake, the wrong action, an assessment and criticism from outside?!) at them immunity is also reduced. It is always simpler to sit out houses in front of the TV, than to go somewhere where there are people where it is necessary to prove to be, show.

Because that uncertain people are in a constant corporal and emotional pressure from - for expectations of danger or the hanging need to make any decision, they do not relax. And it conducts, in turn, to problems with a backbone and joints (chondroses, arthritises, arthroses, menistsita).

In connection with the uncertainty people communicate less and can appear in general in a situation when there was a certain complexity in life or alarm, and to share it there is nobody at all. And from understanding of it it becomes even worse, the state is aggravated, and it will not lead to anything good.

From - for the fact that these people cannot communicate with those with whom there is a wish they should communicate with the one who is ready to do it. There is a situation again: “if I do not choose - choose me“. And who will be ready to communicate with the diffident person? Either manipulators, or “opekalshchik“, that is those who will want to use it. And the person always feels if he is used. Even, if does not admit to himself a situation. It oppresses, suppresses and conducts to depressions and other nervous breakdowns.

Uncertain people most often work not where could (and wanted!) and there, where they were taken. And, as a rule, not for that salary for which they could apply, to call to itself the adequate price - means, I have the right to tell “, I am worthy“. As the result - unloved work, a salary is less desirable and, respectively, the standard of living is lower. It will be reflected in quality of food, rest, leisure and many other spheres of life.

As you understood, the list can be infinite. But it not the most important that I wanted to tell. Main : if you read now about something that has something in common with your life, you understand what it leads to. If earlier you felt that uncertainty in some aspects of life can lead to such consequences, then today you learned about it. And it means that already today you can begin to work with it. The most important is to break off a vicious circle “uncertainty in itself - discontent with - again uncertainty etc.“.

In conclusion I want to tell that the person avoiding uncomfortable situations, tasks, critical situations, performances puts himself as if in a condition of “a warm bog“. And it if to transfer to a body - mobility restriction, stagnation in joints, in lungs, the general slackness, decrease in a tone. That is, in fact is an aging of an organism ahead of time. If you want to keep cheerfulness and youth, be active and sure of themselves! It is important to know that any work on itself can conduct both from internal to external, and from external to internal. That is, having begun to work on self-confidence, it is possible to become more active and healthy.

And it is possible to begin with a body - to move, play sports, to become tempered and care for the health, and through it to come to self-confidence. Anyway, all in your hands! Nobody in this case will take the decision for you.