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Benchrest. Why this type of firing call “golf for thick“?

“Firing from a table or from an emphasis (bench rest) - the type of shooting sport relating to high-precision firing“ . Wikipedia. Benchrest (further BR) grew from adjustment fire of the weapon in field conditions. A bag with sand, a rifle, a target - in principle, all this that is necessary for this sport.

So why benchrest around the world call “golf for thick“? Or “golf for lazy“. Well, and where between these sports though some communication?

If to ask the ordinary person, what sport the most elite on the planet, then he with a high probability will answer - golf. Slow, elegant, expensive …

I BR is the most elite shooting sport. Slow, very expensive … And it is not sport. Way of life!

The American shooter of C. Rowland became the founder of these competitions. In 1901. he made in the presence of witnesses of 10 shots on 200 yards of the rifle Pope - Ballard 32/40 cartridges with weak smoky gunpowder. Having practically put a bullet in a bullet (diameter between centers of holes made only 18 mm), it set the standard of accuracy of firing which held on more than 50 years! In 1931 he organized the first-ever competitions in BR which were not interrupted even during war.

What represents modern BR - competition? Uncles and aunts sit down to special tables, put rifles on an emphasis, are arranged with weather vanes, measuring instruments of speed of wind, temperature, humidity. Cartridges from boxes without need do not take out, God forbid to rumple a bullet! Also shoot. In total!

So these competitions by eyes of the simple inhabitant look.

Actually BR is a firing on a grouping, i.e. firing at a target where a main objective is to lay all shots in one point. So never happens, the heap of holes always turns out. The group of holes can be in any place on a test target. The result is estimated at MOA, very peculiar unit of measurements. It is a corner which forms on the one hand the end of a trunk, from two other parties - extreme points of hit of bullets.

1 MOA it is equal in inches at a distance approximately:

100 yards - 1; 200 yards - 2; 300 yards - 3; 400 yards - 4; 500 yards - 5.

In the championship of shooting association of the USA in 2010 the difference between the second and first place at distance of 500 yards made 0,001 (one thousand) MOA. It is difficult to believe in it, but it so!

Governed in BR great variety. First of all, distances.

Short distances: 100 - 300 yards (meters)


“Easy varmint“ - suit

any rifle with the manual barrier mechanism, weighing no more than 10. 5 pounds, or 4. 75 kg (including a sight).

“Heavy varmint“ - weight no more than 13. 5 pounds or 6. 1 kg.

of Varminting (or varmint) - dialect version of the word vermin, characteristic of the East of the USA, “harmful animal“) - a kind of exact firing and sports hunting, firing at long and long-distance ranges, generally on rodents (to groundhogs, rats, etc. a small animal). The caliber of the weapon and the boss usually is selected such that the trajectory of a bullet was as much as possible nastilny; ammunition not more largely than 7,62 mm is most often used“. Wikipedia.

“A hunting rifle“ - the class which is initially conceived for involvement of beginners in “classical“ BR. The weight of a rifle is up to 5 kg, narrow to a tsevya, a sight to 6 krat (in “classics“ to 65), diameter of a bullet is from 6 mm and above … It is usually fired just on the center of a target, on points.

Without restrictions, “Unlimited“. To competitions any rifle with a length of trunk not less than 18 inches and safely functioning barrier mechanism is accepted. Often in the category “Unlimited“ the rifle and the machine make a whole. Usually rifle weight for the class “Unlimited“ reaches 15 - 20 kg. The bed weighs approximately as much, maybe it is more. By the way, usually from these rifles only long-distance, most prestigious distances shoot.

Average distances: 500 meters or 600 yards


“Factory rifle“. Only the industrial, specially prepared for competitions samples.

Without restrictions, “Unlimited“.

Long ranges: 1000 yards and 1 mile (1,8 km)


Without restrictions, “Unlimited“.

F - a class (firing lying including on points). I.e. usual firing at the center of a target at long-distance distances.

The number of approaches call matches . Only rules of short distances are rigidly defined. Competitions in BR on short distances consist (usually) of 5 matches. The winner is determined by an arithmetic average of all 5 matches. Quantity of shots in a match usually 5. In competitions of supermasters quantity of shots in a match - 10.

The target for “classical“ BR is divided into two parts, a classical circle with circles for adjustment fire and a warming up of the weapon and a black square above. The heap in a square is considered test.

All shooters are divided into two categories: “pikaper“ - shoot slowly, every time doing amendments on wind, and “ranner“ - “runners“, wait for constant wind or calm and all shots with the maximum speed shoot.

It is necessary nobility and be able in BR not just much, and it is a lot of. For example, wind rejects a bullet on a different corner if blows on the right or at the left. And not just to the right or to the left, but also up - down. The ballistics depends on temperature, humidity and … in general on everything!

BR is not just sport. It is a way of life. It is impossible just to take others rifle and to win such competitions, whatever cool shooter undertook it. With a rifle it is necessary to live, it is necessary to know how it will behave at temperature increase and humidity. Standard ammunition is not suitable for such exact firing too. Arrows BR around the world equip cartridges, using the most exact scales, the most identical sleeves, the most non-standard bullets, often own design. Sights in BR too the best.

A rifle for BR - in general a separate class of the weapon. In Russia BR of a rifle is done by only one firm: “The tsar - a gun“. These rifles are considered as the most exact in Europe. There is no production per se. Each rifle is unique. Becomes under the specific shooter.

Yes, BR to you is not golf. It much more abruptly, more expensively and … Benchresny!