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Victory Day of

With a Victory Day
Hello to you, dear readers of the blog.

Here also there came that day that the only esteemed holiday! Victory Day!
the Holiday which falls into oblivion, that holiday to which all of us are obliged too!
It comes with the first blossoming of Spring with blossoming of a bird cherry and lilac. It is that holiday when it is possible to see on streets of the cities and settlements, our immense Homeland. people with awards and medals on on breasts which were at war and shed the blood in fights with enemies, only in order that we were born and grew in peace and over us there was a light clear sky and a star the bright sun! There would be no them, today`s veterans who brought us the Victory together with the shed blood and with the wounds and who then would know we lived in this world or not. Today them remained so a little... So let`s bend before them the heads, for the fact that they made all in order that there lived our distressful mother Russia and we lived and used all what they transferred to us. Let`s tell them thanks for our happy childhood. We did not hear with you as the bombs falling to the ground whistle, we did not see the destroyed cities and burning which are set on fire by the enemy, log huts and settlements. All this we saw
only in movies and the chronicles shown by our television.

Now among our youth there are talks: - Well and that, Germans would win war. We would be
and with them would live perfectly. Would drink the Bavarian beer. And WHO will be able to EXPLAIN to THEM,
that would be born and they would live then on light. More than twenty million Russian people and other nationalities of our Homeland fell in battles with the enemy in order that they could be born.
our government creates visibility that it shows care of today`s veterans
of the Great Patriotic War. But it is only a bluff! Facade and gallery play. Veterans! Yes, why they are necessary to us when we cannot provide our pensioners. They tell it about those who
lifted our destroyed cities from ruins, constructed the new railroads, elekrostantion
drilled wells, extracting oil and gas. About those who presented them all what they use now and the income from what goes to someone`s others pockets but not for the benefit of the people.

I do not know that will be farther and whether to wait to us that that the best, but we who were born in last
a century and brought up at school on feats of heroes of the Great Patriotic War, will remember
those who gave the life for the Victory.

Veterans of war and labor front!
Those who survived still!
Ya I bend before you the head......