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How cats breed? Poliginiya, a poliandriya and other promiscuity of

I Will make a reservation at once: the first two terms on “ï“ in heading for no reason at all, and only for beauty. And testifying a genetic linkage with article K. Yu. Starokhamskoy about human customs.

For some reason the people were not tired to get K. Yu. analogies from lion`s life. However that - for some reason? The lion is the king of beasts, the person - too the tsar. In general tsar. Well, this is irrelevant. I too here will address lion`s customs - but only because she intends to speak about cats. Only about cats!

As these animals build the life - we know, we see every day. - it is more cats in our life, than mosquitoes. In a tray posred apartments, in a favourite master`s chair, on bags with a special forage in supermarkets... At an old baushka on a lap. In Shkolezhizni. ru. In general on the Internet - entirely their green and yellow eyes, their clever moustaches. Tails, paws and teeth. Their children, their kittens!!!

And still cats - in the Red List. All wild cat`s - Red Book. It is possible including from - for features of cat`s sexual life.

All wild cat`s - singles. Cohabitation for them is possible only in one case: when mother brings up children.

Only three species of cats will organize the life on a special order. The run wild domestic cats lodge colonies at food sources. Lions live prides: one male or several males - brothers at a harem of females. Cheetahs are Spartans: live groups of several males, having united for “joint housekeeping“ - protection of “the“ earth, hunting for food and for females.

All other cats meet only for reproduction. In the rest of the time observe the borders of territories marked by personal chemical tags. The plot of a male is more, than a plot of a female. Moreover, the second (second) is blocked by the first, and not without sense.

The sense begins when comes it is time to breed. Then - that the male begins to bypass the possession, on tags of neighbors defining their sex, age, the hormonal status - readiness to start pairing, generally.

For cats norm - the induced ovulation, occurs only after preliminary stimulation of a female sex. For the sake of this intensive stimulation the penis of these animals, by the way, is covered with special shipika - observe the cats.

Exclusively free love reigns in the cat`s world. That is - that heading promiscuity. If there are no limiting factors, any of females copulates with several males, and any male - with several females.

So the nature wanted concerning cats that is why. A problem of cats - men - a teratozoospermiya, that is exclusively high content in an eyakulyata of defective spermatozoa. At cheetahs this indicator can exceed 60%, at the European lynx - 90.

It is supposed that this trouble cat`s - a consequence of a low genetic variety owing to the incident at a certain moment of mass extinction of species of these mammals. So mass that all cheetahs nowadays are descendants of several survivors then of animals, genetically - close relatives, they even have no rejection at skin transplantation.

Thus, promiscuity is urged to promote though to some genetic variety of posterity. And also - to compensate insufficiency of sperm of the only sexual partner.

And not only. As it appeared, for improvement of quality of sperm there can be sufficient a presence of a male - the competitor. The competitor inspires a male and for increase of intensity of pairing - that, in turn, allows a female to increase the number of the ovulating ova. However, it is followed by significant growth in embryonic losses. So the choice, comes out, all - behind option with several partners.

Multicourage at cats a result can have multiple paternity - when in one dung there are kittens from different males. At the cat`s population of the large cities it is observed in 77 - 83% of cases. A grief and happiness for cat`s selectors!

But also it - did not govern. The ovum has an opportunity to define among spermatozoa that are genetically farthest (as spermatozoa are marked by proteins of the main complex of a gistosovmestimost). What, in turn, protects from inbreeding, promotes a genetic variety, eventually - to improvement of quality of posterity.

In conclusion I will report possible not concordant with the facts given here important information. A source of data - a synopsis of the scientific article (it is published on the website “Elements“: E. Badyeva. “The free love increases posterity of cats“ - under M. N. Erofeyeva`s article and Page. V. Naydenko “Spatial organization of populations cat`s and features of their reproductive strategy“ / / Magazine of the general biology. 2011. T. 72, No. 4). These are results of scientific researches.