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The man earns a little. How we will live?

Periodically meeting the contemporaries with whom graduated from school 11 years ago or studied at institute, on the questions “When You Have a Replenishment?“, “Why You Do Not Give Birth?“ I even more often hear the same answer.

And this answer said by different words has a uniform essence - the woman is not ready to go to the decree as for the maintenance of a family will be insufficiently money which is earned by the husband. Women, estimating the contribution to the family budget, do not hurry to stop this financing for the sake of family values. And it thus that the age promptly approaches a mark in 30 years, and from the date of a wedding passed three years and more.

I reflected. Really the material component can influence an opportunity to have a full-fledged family with kids and pleasure of motherhood so? And I began to argue not only in the context of already created family when the man and the woman married, but also took the relations when the man and the woman just meet and look narrowly to each other.

I honestly admitted to myself that the money brought by the man in a family - really one of the major criteria for the modern woman. Certainly, for each person there is the living wage, the consumer basket and the limit of expenses. Everyone differently defines that side where need comes to an end and the whim begins. Someone can spend the unlimited sum of money for a trip all family to Egypt, and someone on this money of a shoe will buy. Therefore we will not go in cycles in concrete figures, and we will just designate the sum of female need for money as X, and we will designate the sum of a man`s opportunity as At.

Let`s consider a situation when the woman fell in love with the man for incredible quantity of its pluses, closing eyes to low earnings. The relations good and stable, the love is available, desire to give birth kids from each other too. Also we will note that before emergence in her life of this man the woman made good money, possessed all material values which exist in modern reality - the car, the apartment, the dacha, holiday abroad two times a year. In other words, it reached a certain level of material comfort. All of us know that progress is a development and improvement already available. If rejects us back, it is degradation. And so the level of material comfort at the considered woman with such man sharply goes down.

So, question. Y Three options of succession of events are obvious.

The first. The woman changes the material level and adapts in that income level which the man is able to provide. What in this situation is stronger - feeling of love to the man or natural female flexibility and a timeserving - is unclear. Probably, if there is a love, then also flexibility appears. Yes, the woman already in other material status and even if the same requirements, then there is no opportunity, alas.

Whether there is it? Yes, of course! Moreover, there are a lot of indicative cases when the woman gives to the man full moral support, being a muse and inspiration for it that stimulates the husband on good results, and as a result he tries to obtain those heights about which the woman dared and to dream.

Yes, it is unconditional, such turn of events takes place to be. BUT! The man can not come to the new level, and years of expectation and the hopes laid on it can be spent for nothing.

The second. After unlimited the woman realizes amount of time of the relations or marriage that the level of prosperity and ability to earn are for her fundamental criteria for evaluation of the life with the man. It does not reduce a level of the comfort, and it does not manage to adapt the requirements for the man`s opportunities. Generally, paradise in a tent stops being paradise.

The question - and how love is possible? Really the love does not overcome all barriers, including material? The answer - at the time of adoption of this solution of love by the woman almost does not remain as lack of the status of the getter at the man reduces his reputation and his importance in the opinion of the woman. The man any more not the hero on whom it is possible to rely so, and feelings weaken. As a result of the relation come to an end with parting. Guarantees that subsequently in life of the woman the man capable to cause in it love will appear and to earn money, also not. Perhaps, there will be options when there is a love and there is money, but not the fact that it will turn out to combine it. Also cases when the woman regrets that refused darling, though not the wealthy man are frequent.

The third. The woman continues to make a contribution to the family budget, on an equal basis with the husband goes to work and gets paid. In the conditions of our reality it is the most widespread version of the solution of material problems in a family. And often the woman leaves for work before the husband, comes later and, respectively, a level of the brought-in income also differs. It should be noted that work of the woman is reduced not to receiving money “on boots - lipstick“, and to formation of rather most part of the family budget.

Yes, we observe such succession of events rather often and for this reason women do not hurry to get posterity, postponing for later the birth of children. The love is Like, necessary? Yes please! Here it, favourite and dear man. Money is necessary? Go and work. And when to give birth? I do not know... When the husband earns so much how many we earn together now.

So, we considered options of succession of events in a situation when earnings of the man are not enough for requirements of a family. Certainly, each woman herself defines for herself solutions of this problem, she has the unconditional right to aspire to that X = At.

And each woman herself decides that for her happiness - prosperity in a family or a favourite physiognomy on the next pillow.