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We would go on reconnaissance with ourselves?

Great day in the history of the whole world - on May 9. Day when it was officially confirmed that the Soviet Union won terrible war, having provided the world and freedom not only itself, but also all other states. Yes, there were also allies. Yes, there was an anti-Hitlerite coalition, the second front … But the main weight of war, the main losses, the main horrors and death fell to the share of the Soviet Union.

And we won! Yes! Despite everything. Even on the second front which opening delayed to the utmost. As a matter of fact, the second front appeared at all not to help the Soviet Union to crush Hitlerite Germany. Let`s open eyes - Red Army and itself already perfectly got along with this ungrateful case. Yes, with blood and pain. But in the first years of war of blood and pain there was much more, and the second front was necessary as air - and it was not. No, at all not the help to Red Army, but fear of future partition of the world. The second front is actually occupation of territories. And only. Desire to snatch at least a half of Europe, if it is impossible to snip off all pie. And before there was a waiting: who whom. And if the German army began to win, then noble allies fast would revise allied contracts. As it happened in France - the country which shouted that it never, for anything, not under any circumstances, safely caved in before the Third Reich.

And you know that all German submarines were under repair and served in France? And you know why? Simply - naprosto the French workers did it much quicker and better than the German! Moreover, they received awards from a Reich for shock, it is possible to tell Stakhanov, work! And France began with opposition …

I in the same way would be with other members of the anti-Hitlerite coalition. That to them to the world, to keep a skin, and also - the income. Not for nothing even during war the American industrialists continued to sell to Hitlerite Germany the weapon, metals and other - and it when America already officially entered war! But - private business is sacred!

And our boys won this terrible war. They won. Their blood and pain paid a victory of the anti-Hitlerite coalition.

It in Leningrad people died of hunger, but did not hand over the city. The troops defending Leningrad received the weapon and ammunition from the Leningrad plants which continued to work!

Yes, we will not hide: these days
We ate the earth, glue, belts;
But, having eaten soup from belts,
Rose to the machine the stubborn master,
to sharpen tools of part,
Necessary in war. But it sharpened
while the hand
Could make movements.
I if fell - at the machine,
As falls the soldier in battle …

… And the frosted-over hand,
Before an oil lamp, in an icy cold infernal,
the engraver of gray-haired
Engraved the Special award - Leningrad.
the Barbed wire it, Around - on edge - is led round by
As if a crown of thorns,
of Blockade by a symbol severe.
In a ring, shoulder to shoulder, three together - the Child, the woman, the man,
Under bombs as in the rain,
is Stood, eyes to a zenith having thrown up
I an inscription is expensive to heart, -
It says not about an award,
It is quiet and strict:
“I lived in winter in Leningrad“.
(Olga Berggolts, “The Leningrad poem“)

I is an honest truth!

Our boys perished near Inkerman, stopping approach of tanks own bodies. Boys from voyenno - sea school, armed only with dirks! They died to give to the city excess hour for evacuation. They died to rescue others. And before them there was long life. But they preferred death - for the sake of rescue of others, others to them, but all the same the, people.

It is our boys went solemn march along Red Square in 1941 and directly from parade went to entrenchments to die, but not to hand over the city. Also knew that go to death. And all the same - went. And the city resisted. Yes, frosts helped. But no frosts would save Moscow if not these boys dying in entrenchments.

Our boys died in Stalingrad. They continued fights in the city though everyone knew - average life expectancy of the soldier in these fights makes only about two minutes! But in these two minutes it was possible to manage to destroy several enemies, and our boys went to death. The killed enemy will not be able to kill anybody any more any more!

Our boys perished on batteries of Sevastopol, but terrible ship guns continued to shoot - at least one person capable to bring a shell was living so far.

Our people literally set fire to the earth of Belarus under legs of invaders - pauses between explosions of bridges, iron and highways averaged all around four - five minutes. Present only - each five minutes in the territory of Belarus explosion rattled. In air the trains, cars, buildings occupied with the German establishments flew up. Each five minutes … The first party of “Tigers“ which is solemnly sent to the Stalingrad front died in Belarus. And not only these tanks did not reach the operating fronts.

It is our boys and girls spat in a face to the enemy not only in figurative, but also literally. Died, but were not given. Fought desperately, to death, protecting the native earth. Not party, not the government, not communistic ideology, no. - the native earth. Which was, is and will be, any the government or ideology. They knew it.

Even criminals, thieves of Odessa were at war with aggressors! Even they did not wish to give the native earth. Though the ideology claimed that to them - to spit on who in power. Yes, they were enemies of the power, enemies of ideology. But they loved the Homeland too.

Our women worked at plants and factories, kept children and the house centers for warring men. Lived in dugouts, in the exposed to frost rooms, plowed on themselves, sowed and reaped a crop manually, wrung hands on heavy productions, tore off nails, turning shells.

Our people made a great feat. Also won.

Ah as it is fashionable to pull out on a surface “the truth about war“ now. To tell about blocking detachments which executed the Stalin order “To a Step Backwards!“. With relish to narrate about cannibalism cases in besieged Leningrad. Rolling up in just anger eyes to heaven, to state stories of unfair executions, references and other. To pull out all blood, pain and injustice of terrible war. And to show it, showing that - not angels were at war, by no means, that there was dirt, terrible dirt much. And not the feat of the people, namely all this dirt which soils a perfect feat becomes a dominant in this to “the truth about war“ any more.

Yes, was. All this was. But war - any war! - it is always blood, pain, dirt and injustice. And - yes! - in war spasms first of all that that does not sink anywhere emerges. In military confusion it is so simple to mask under good intentions. And yes - it is very simple to reduce scores with the personal enemy during war if without having shot down him own hands, then having written on him the corresponding denunciation (and confusion promotes that similar denunciations came to an end with executions). All this truth. As well as in any other war.

But all this truth is not capable to take away particles of the feat made by people, the people. Here about it it is necessary to remember first of all - a feat. About a feat which symbol was a day On the Ninth of May - the Victory Day.

Yes, there were those who threw on roads of the sick exhausted children who are taken out from besieged Leningrad threw, apart from necessary to spend for them food - all the same will die. But there were also those who selected these children nursed them, treated, fed, and then and raised as the. And these, the second, it is much more important than the first! They made a feat - despite everything! They won war.

And we, present? We, successors of those, won … We could as they? We could refuse warm apartments, cottages, prestigious work, the quite good income, own car, the mobile phone, computer and other uyutnost of life - for the sake of protection of the earth? Could die that other our PEOPLE could live? We could be at war, defending the native earth, despite cold, hunger, poverty, blocking detachments, denunciations and other? We would go on reconnaissance with ourselves?