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School days: when to look for the calling?

of People all the life study the world in which lives, and the word and business wants to bring all life in it to feel its part. All human life is searches of opportunities and ways to show the personality. There is time of the most intensive searches - it is youth time.

The child, studying the world, waits for a signal from the soul - and when what he sees, hears, feels and does, enters a resonance with its internal natural, received from the birth, essence - he understands: it is pleasant to me, I want that it was in my life. Therefore we, adults, are obliged to give the chance to children at that age when they look for the place in lives and the occupations for the sake of life, to provide them a freedom of choice.

Search of a profession has to begin no later than teenage age. Otherwise the person in this search risks to get stuck for many years, and even never to find what would please him and was incentive to work and to a healthy lifestyle. Everything is good in its season. And waste the necessary time it can to be equal to loss of the best opportunities.

7, 8, 9 classes. To what and how to learn?

Universal values . The person is happy when he is engaged in business which is pleasant to it when fruits of work bring it joy when he sees that its work brings benefit to other people.

A ratio of obligatory objects in 7, 8, 9 classes: 3: 0: 1 .

The lessons giving knowledge : Russian, a foreign language, the native speech (literature, but not attached to works of art), mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, bases of the right, the basis of the economy, Fundamentals of Health and Safety.

Creativity lessons : such lessons in the obligatory program of the school student of this age should not be. There is quite enough if the child participates in any cool and all-school actions: for example, in concerts, exhibitions. It is desirable that he visited circles at school or in Houses of children`s creativity. But even if 7 - 9 - the grader does not want neither to sing now, nor to burn pots, nor to shoot amateur movies, nor to spin bast shoes from birch bark - generally, wants nothing of that kind except how to play soccer - let. Seeds of knowledge of what interesting occupations are and the minimum skills received for the last six years of training at school in it remained, and they will surely ascend. Perhaps in 30 years he will break a dry branch and will make a pipe to the grandson? Nothing useful never vanishes!

The lessons promoting physical health. If six years teachers were athletes - professionals in the sport, and children had an opportunity to see their ability and to look in themselves for desire and abilities to this or that to sports, then in the seventh and the subsequent classes important one - that was enough physical education classes for ensuring necessary physical activity of the school student. Athletes - professionals made important work - gave the chance to the child to choose the sports hobby. To teenage age he has to understand, than it is interesting to it to be engaged in non-study time: to play soccer or to dance to a point. Behind sport on interests - in sports sections!

I want to stop at lessons for knowledge in more detail.

Russian - sacred. Foreign - it is very desirable, it expands communicative opportunities. On the Internet read one article where the author says about what his son learns Chinese because Chinese - future language. Remember: for us future language one - Russian! If someone considers that any other language - future language in our country, then I will tell you: then it is not necessary to teach your children to anything at all. Give them on rowing: let get used to execute amicably command of the helmsman, to callosities and to salt on the back!

Native speech. That it? It both literature, and history in biographies of our famous compatriots, and interesting informative literature - all in “one bottle“. The main thing to give erudition, but not to force to learn foreign opinion “from these and to these“. I expect the “fleet“ teacher handing to parents the list of books which they have to acquire for the sake of studying of the subject “Native Speech“. Let children read not only houses, but it is more at school to have an opportunity “without delay“ to express the opinion and to listen to judgments of the schoolmates - let learn to communicate not only on household subjects.

Fundamentals of Health and Safety - the necessary subject training to safe life. There has to be also a real help to children at difficulties which can quite happen in their life. The state has the right to rely in providing such help to children on the keeper of moral values - on church. At church it is necessary to open the Centers of support of children of different age, and doors of these centers have to be open round the clock. Here the believing psychologists, the believing lawyers, the believing volunteers have to meet the child. Here have to driven to calm, protect, tell about ways of an exit from the created adverse situation and to help to take the first step to the help to. Now there are Centers for the rights of the child, juvenile police etc., but they are rather frightening structures, than assistants to the specific child. Unless the child himself will go to police etc.? And if suddenly goes, then to it to the house the official host will ride now, and it will be hardly better for it. Somehow so it develops that at us as a result of all efforts - “as always“. Therefore my hope on church. Perhaps there at last will break off this vicious circle: when the beginning “for health“, and the end - known.

How to provide calling search at school? Since the 7th class to complete classes so that in them was till 45-50 children. All lessons are led on two teachers: in one group - according to the facilitated program, in another - on more difficult. The child himself chooses in what group he wants to be engaged. Transition from one group to another is possible at any time, enough most to be discharged from one magazine and to enter itself in another. Transition is possible any number of times. Let the school student will be defined: it likes Maria Ivanovna or all - physics. It is not necessary to think that children will run, looking for benefits, or there where it is easier to be engaged. The child will go eventually there where it is more interesting to him. It is checked in practice. Thus, in three years, with 7 on 9 class, it will surely find the direction, will find a basis of the future profession. If so it happens, and so for the majority it happens surely, then the school carried out a task of orientation of the school student in a profession.

Final in the 9th class. The Certificate - the school-leaving certificate is received. How to reflect this maturity in paper? I Consider that in objects: reading, creative occupations, physical culture, Fundamentals of Health and Safety - estimates should not be, any - it is enough to specify quantity of lessons which the school student visited. In all other objects of estimates has to be two: the first - for tests, the second - the teacher`s assessment. Why so? Because the person has a double thinking: one - linear, the second - volume and figurative. (And Earth - a surface and almost spherical body). Linear - storing and extraction from memory - short action, it it is convenient to estimate tests. The second - stay in the memory size of the necessary information and its forming - ability to logical thinking, and this ability tests cannot be estimated at the harmonous scheme (the solution of tasks or the figurative speech)! For some reason scientific psychologists and teachers do not speak about it. Perhaps do not guess?

Everything, will be enough in school to study! Nine years at school - enough! Forward, in technical school - to master specialty which can support itself. By 18 - 19 years the child is already obliged to get down in many respects from shoulders of the parents: it is time to earn to himself on livelihood and clothes by skilled work, it is time to be responsible for in what you are engaged not only under codes before the state, but also before by itself. And how Lomonosov? After technical school it will be visible who really Lomonosov and who just walking encyclopedia.

And any colleges like “College of management“. Whom will it let out? Green salesman? Having become impregnated from young nails with air of offices and high corridors, rare will resist not to become the bureaucrat and the court hypocrite. And still: free steppe wind smells of greens, and harvesting time - mature summer and long fall.

If most of young people by 18 - 19 years find a profession to which will want to devote the work and the time, then earlier they marry and will marry, will give birth to more children and it is not necessary to lift a retirement age for their parents, and life expectancy will increase.

What career sufficient? Not that on which parents, and that which to liking and arranges in everything including a salary uplifted!

And still very important condition for happiness of our children in adulthood: the class has to be “same-sex“, and school - “bisexual“. But it is other subject.