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Destiny signs: help or sneer?

Having dreamed about some strange or even terrible situation, we, certainly, begin to worry and instead of calming down and forgetting it how “bad dream“, we that we do? We open dream book! And there … There is everything and for all occasions that even you do not know, it is good or it is bad.

For example, value of a dream in which we see “Yabloko“: in dream book of Vangi - an award symbol, in Small dream book - false friends, in esoteric - a good health, in Azar`s dream book - change in a family. Well and how to react to it? If the dream is an obtaining information from the Universe, so why reading of this information such inconsistent? Not always we can answer questions, important for us. Again to rely on signs?

Even in psychology there is such term - “a meeting with unpleasant people“. It when we constantly meet intolerable people. Boors from whose statements we suffer come across to us all the time. In clever psychological books it is written: “it means that you lack courage, it is necessary to learn to argue, defend the principles“. And if before you, to put it mildly, not the so sober person? To continue to argue? Exactly: ridiculously!

It is possible to object: it is necessary to listen more attentively to other signs of destiny. Well!

In the press was information that from the Costa Concordia liner which sank in January, 2012 rescued the granddaughter of the woman who escaped from “Titanic“ which sank 100 years ago much. Means, knowing this information on the grandmother, Valentin Kapuano it was never necessary even to approach one liner. But she escaped! Or it means that if the grandmother endured accident, so nothing threatens the granddaughter?

How to read these signs it is correct? It is necessary to pay attention to any trifle! Let`s allow...

The Costa Concordia liner was floated in 2006 and by tradition broke a champagne bottle against a ship board, but it did not break. It is considered very bad sign - to the liner there will be a misfortune. Means, following this sign, the liner worth 500 million euros would need to be destroyed at once? Yes the person who would offer it, would count as the madman! Also would tell that it is just necessary to choose crew more carefully. Correctly. But other passengers who escaped from the Costa Concordia liner said that shortly before ship-wreck, at restaurant music from the movie “Titanic“ sounded...

Now, knowing about this sign of destiny, having heard this melody, all have to run at top speed from shopping centers, stop cars, trains, planes? And chaos world not far off.

“The destiny always warns about danger, but we usually do not notice its signals“, - the phrase very beautiful, but wrong. In the 21st century, at such powerful development of esoterics and parapsychology, all try to develop at themselves the intuitive abilities just necessary in the modern world where it is possible to count only on himself. Therefore many feel approach of danger and troubles, but cannot but obey to the order of the higher official, for example. To tell the chief: “I cannot go to business trip because I have a bad presentiment“ - means, to subscribe under dismissal with terrible recommendations.

So, maybe, to create not dream book, not a grant how to distinguish destiny signs, and the instruction how to explain these signs to the bosses that you were not dismissed and did not count as the patient?

As psychics predict, the consciousness of people will come to the new, more developed intuitive level soon. Then it will not be necessary to explain anybody anything.