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The short motivating course.

- Yes, here it I! Yes, I am not great. Yes, I did not achieve career progress, and and, I did not become famous and did not become the millionaire! But unless this main thing? - Definitely - no. Everything is covered in true pleasure and beauty which people do not notice, having densely gone deep into modern vanity.
of People can become happy, be at it even the most black strip of life!
- What needs to be made? -

- 1 - oye - to learn to see beauty;
- 2 - oye - to learn to generate kindness;

Very often the person, having failed, gets to a stressful state: it spoils mood, there is a wish to do nothing, there are nervous breakdowns. Eventually, everything is reduced to the fact that the person is depressed, and it can come to an end very sadly.

the example Given above - result of what people forget at all about beauty surrounding them and good which they can create for themselves and others. Over time such person becomes boring, uninteresting, he lives something one, and all rest passes by him... One dim plate which needs to be changed. you Remember
: creation which species - the person, can practically everything.
If you want to achieve the objective which difficulty is big, then do not run from a wall to a wall and do not deceive yourself the fact that it is impossible to achieve it. If there is a purpose, then undertake it in every way, do not leave anything for later! It is not necessary to strike itself with dreams, strike yourself and others with the achievements! Tell
to yourself: I will be able, I will make it, devil take it!...

Further go towards the aim small short steps, gradually motivating itself. Watch movies which will inspire you, read articles, listen to music, create around yourself a situation which will help you with your undertakings (personally I created such atmosphere in the room).
do not worry about idea, it will come itself, and do not ache that it is absent!

of Difficulty temper you therefore you should not lower hands at the first failures and it is not necessary to wait for something great from the very beginning. Over time your skill will be perfected, and there already and to unique is not far!
Use all opportunities presented to you, do not miss any!
Look for something new and open something new to yourself!

There is a dream? Run to it! It is impossible? Go to it! It is impossible? Creep to it! You cannot? Lay down and lie in the direction of dream! there is no
- anything is impossible also what could not be surpassed! -

Happens, at that moment when to you it is very bad, and you suddenly notice that you near you nikogog are not present. Unfortunately it happens in life, but it is not necessary to fall apart because of it if you adjust yourself on a good harmony that everything and it will be good.
I Will give one example from Dale Carnegie:
Once, the person living quiet life (whose name I do not remember) suffered big failure in the life that reduced it in a deep depression. Later, its health glitched, the person was hospitalized, and carried out quite long term there. He practically did not eat, did not drink, and soon learned from doctors that his death is close, and they can make nothing. A message about fast death made deep impression on it and set thinking properly....
After a while it left hospital, bought the ticket for sea cruise and went to swimming, having taken with itself(himself) a coffin for itself(himself).
Tam he had a rest and did not refuse to himself anything, smoked expensive cigarettes, drank expensive wines, admired a beautiful view and enjoyed the last days life.... Soon, having returned from cruise it passed inspection, and to surprise of doctors it was completely healthy....