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Health, beauty, deodorants. Incompatible things?

We sweat not only in the summer, in hot and hot days. Both physical activities, and a nervous stress, disorders, experiences, hormonal shifts in an organism can be the reasons of sweating. However, when it would not happen to us, we always feel discomfort, uncertainty in own appeal. Reason for everything sweating and unpleasant smell of sweat.

Special sweat glands are on average a layer of our skin. Under the influence of various external and internal factors, channels of sweat glands open, and the specific secret which is then is allocated for a surface of skin. A sweat basis water, but at it there are also salts and various products of a metabolism. Besides sweat, sweat glands excrete also specific substances of Fermanagh. Sympathies at the level of smells arise thanks to these fermona.

The most part of sweat glands which excrete only sweat are in a frontal part of the face, armpits, on palms of our hands and on stupnyakh. Sweat glands which excrete Fermanagh are in area of a breast, buttocks, behind ears and around our eyes.

As not strange, however, sweat in itself does not possess an unpleasant smell. But here if you use garlic, spices and alcohol, your smell will be much sharper and more unpleasant. When sweat acts on a skin surface then the mechanism of education pleasant and not really smells is started. Chemically it looks so - sweat softens protein which is in the top layer of skin. Such softened sweat - the proteinaceous environment the excellent place for activity of various bacteria and microorganisms. The unpleasant smell has not our sweat, but these waste products of bacteria and microorganisms.

After chemical processes of a potoobrazovaniye and sweating were studied by science, the same science began to look for means of fight against them. The first deodorants possessed only a pungent smell which main objective was to kill a sweat smell. Later, began to add components which would fight against microorganisms and bacteria on our skin to structure of deodorants.

Today the most effective remedy of fight against an unpleasant smell and protection against sweat are antiperspirants. On the chemical composition they perfectly cope with a problem of suppression of sweat glands to emit sweat. In the majority of such antiperspirants hydrochloride of aluminum which perfectly copes with the role is a part to cork sweat glands. As result, using antiperspirants we sweat less. However, the last researches of science and medicine force to prick up the ears and not to be such careless. Use of antiperspirants is not so safe for our health. Aluminum salts which are a part of antiperspirants can provoke such diseases as easing of immunity of an organism, migraine, development of senile dementia, violation of normal function of kidneys and oncological diseases including breast cancer.

Conducting active fight against sweating and an unpleasant smell, we also combat own health of our organism. Other making components of deodorants and antiperspirants are also not so harmless as it seems at first sight.

Either butane, or isobutane, or propane surely is a part of deodorants with a spray, as a rule. Ill fame was assigned to these chemicals for a long time. Headaches, migraines, dizziness, nausea - collateral properties of these components. For nursing mothers they doubly pose risk and threat - these substances accumulate and get to breast milk.

Polyethyleneglycol, polypropylene glycol (PPG, PEG) which also are a part of deodorants and antiperspirants slowly, but surely destroy our kidneys and a liver.

BHT (antioxidant) causes in our organism deficiency and shortage of vitamin D, and it, in turn, provokes emergence of problems with bone system which are expressed in osteoporosis, diseases of teeth. Besides defeat of bone system normal reproductive function of our organism is broken.

The aromatic substances and fragrances urged to block an unpleasant smell of sweat can cause dizzinesses, allergies, asthmas, irritations of skin.

Triklozan who is a part of antiperspirants and is antibacterial means besides harmful bacteria, destroys also the most useful bacteria and microorganisms. Can cause an allergy, violation of work of a liver.

From such deadly connection as a part of an antiperspirant in a graceful flakonchik goosebumps run on skin. In it there is more harm, than advantage.

Experts in the field of science and medicine, today, actively seek to find alternative to use of harmful antiperspirants. In the West on sale in shops it is already possible to meet antiperspirants as a part of which salts of aluminum replaced with metal zirconium. Such option is safer for our health, and the effect of the use of such antiperspirants identical. There are deodorants, on the basis of alcohol, in their contents there are neither salts of aluminum, nor zirconium, they only refresh skin in zones, problem on sweating. Experiments and attempts to enter mineral salts, essential oils into structure of deodorants and antiperspirants, to create natural and safe deodorants and antiperspirants are made.

In a pursuit of beauty by means of use of cosmetics will read not to superfluous also more attentively a chemical composition of cosmetics. Important not only to keep beauty, but also to preserve health.