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Ivan Kalyaev and revolutionary terror or What would be told by Saint Elizabeth Fiodorovna?

Search of answers to the tormenting questions during the period of history, hard for Russia, brought Ivan Kalyaev into party of socialists - revolutionaries (Social Revolutionaries).

Being still a non-party, he wrote such verses:

Christ, Christ! The haze will stick together us lives.
You opened for us all sky, having disseminated night,
But temple again in the power of Pharisees. there is no
of the Messiah - Iudam is not present number …
We want to live! Over us night hangs.
Oh, neuzhel is again necessary atonement,
I only a cross for us rescue will announce?.
Christ, Christ!. But everything around is silent.

Kalyaev became the member of the Fighting organization of Social Revolutionaries which at the beginning of the last century carried out a number of loud political murders.

The most impudent of them occurred on February 4, 1905. This day Ivan Kalyaev had to throw the explosive device into the carriage of the grand duke Sergey Aleksandrovich. Originally act of terrorism prepared for February 2. However when this day in the evening Kalyaev rushed to the carriage and already raised a hand to throw a shell, he suddenly saw that near the grand duke in the carriage there is his wife - the grand duchess Elizabeth Fiodorovna - with two children.

Kalyaev did not begin to throw a bomb and passed the carriage. Explaining then the act, he will tell associates on party: “I think that I did right thing, unless it is possible to kill children?“ …

A then the event which surprised many took place. Having buried the spouse, the grand duchess Elizabeth Fiodorovna visited Kalyaev in prison, forgave him on behalf of the husband and from herself, and leaving, told:

- I ask you, take from me for memory an icon. I will pray for you … to

When the grand duke Konstantin Konstantinovich (the poet, the translator and the playwright, was printed under a pseudonym K. River) learned about an act of the princess Elizabeth Fiodorovna, he wrote down in the diary: “… Such courage, such height of soul are directly improbable. It - sacred “. After announcement of a sentence Ivan Kalyaev refused to submit the application on preservation of life though it was hinted that thanks to efforts of the grand duchess the tsar is prepared for the positive resolution.

Ivan Kalyaev was one of those few revolutionaries - not Bolsheviks to whom the Soviet history granted the right for memory. Live it till “great“ October, he would share tragic lot of party members of Social Revolutionaries. Hung up in 1905, Ivan Kalyaev did not pose threat for party of “proletarian revolution“. Streets in many cities of Russia - the Communist Party were called by the name of Kalyaev, the organizer of mass terror, was respectful to revolutionaries - terrorists.

In recent years during revaluation of events of history to Ivan Kalyaev flies many stones, at the same time such names as, for example, Lenin and Dzerzhinsky, are covered with a thick layer of luster. As if critically we treated Ivan Kalyaev`s identity, it appears, we should not forget that this person was forgiven by Saint Elizabeth Fiodorovna.

Revolution and revolutionaries are our past which needs to be comprehended. And if among demons of revolution there was a person who considered that it is impossible to kill the child, then he is worth it that we treated it with understanding and sympathy as it was made by Elizabeth.

... One of fans of the White movement suggested to rename the Krasnodar Kalyaev Street into the street of the general Kornilov. It is known that this general after February revolution, having undertaken gendarme functions, arrested both the empress, and her children. What would be told by St. Elizabeth, having heard about similar renaming?