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Why it is not necessary to hurry to execute dream?

U of each of us are any desires and dream, but not all from them can be carried out. However it is not so bad! I will try to explain why.

The first reaction to execution of dream - it is undoubted, pleasure. But it is succeeded absolutely by other feelings soon - for example, confusion, a devastation or something similar. And why? You could achieve what was wanted. And what`s next?

1. New has to succeed the old purpose. And if there is no new, then remains it is direct “an empty hole“ which is at first difficult for closing something.

2. There is also other option: if the previous result got in very hard way, then together with the new purpose recur to the memory painful steps of ascension to last dream. And sometimes from such thoughts in general hands fall.

What exit from current situation can be offered? Everything is very simple: for a start we will create the so-called “top dream“ striking with the inaccessibility, chic, sharp discrepancy with habitual vital way and then under it we will arrange much - a lot of small (quite available). Thereby it will be possible “to kill two hares at once“: falling away of need for creation of the new purpose and all - any fulfillment of desires.

For bigger clarity and simplicity we will call “top dream“ the purpose, and “subdreams“ - desires.

The purpose, the bigger amount of desires is more remote it causes and the bigger on life it will be possible to achieve.

There are cases when the person before himself in general does not set the serious purposes, lives only one execution of the primitive household desires. In that case life loses meaning and turns into existence.

We will return to the simple option considered right at the beginning without use of the concepts “desires“ and “purposes“: in this situation even you will not call dream simple desire, and to “top“ it falls short on the availability. Let`s enter the new term - “opportunity“. As the final dream nevertheless should not be easily available once again not to depreciate process of self-improvement and following to that top.

The term “opportunity“ can be used also for generalization of desires along the line to the purpose. But it is not necessary to go in cycles in this level and in general to perceive it as a peculiar stage, the purpose - that absolutely another, and to it it is far.

We will consider the concepts “desires“, “opportunities“ and “purposes“ on a simple example: desire - to do favorite thing, opportunity - doing favorite thing, to earn to itself a living, the purpose - doing favorite thing by whom you earn to yourself a living, to become the famous perspective careerist.

Right at the beginning we spoke about feeling of a devastation at execution of dream - opportunities. I want to note now that if who manages to achieve unrealizable dream - the purpose, then in this case the feeling of pleasure precisely long will not abandon you. Though in a similar case it is necessary to remember any other feelings which will eclipse both pleasure, and all that other what it was told above about, - but it is already absolutely other subject.

In soul it is always pleasant to have dream even if also unrealizable. About it just it is pleasant even to think, represent that you already achieved it. And at the same time it does not bring trouble according to contents, on leaving etc. For the passive people having only one desires it is, of course, a big find. Just at once begins to seem to much that nothing can be changed, bigger it is impossible to achieve - it is necessary to reconcile and live further as before.

Yes, it is possible, so more simply and more quietly, but it is worth remembering that life is given us only once therefore for this small period it is necessary to try so much, so much to study, it is so much time to risk, it is so much time not to miss chance and to catch good luck “for a tail“.

For those who unite the desires in opportunities, but do not move further, it would be desirable to advise “to look afar“ and level to create above that top for which it would be necessary to reach constantly, but not only from time to time.

Well and, at last, those who decided on the purpose for a long time - continuously reach for it, think of it, visualize process of its achievement, development, or perhaps and improvement.