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How Jews struggled with Arabs for the Top Galilee?

On English - to the French agreement of September 15, 1919 the British army receded from northern part of the Top Galilee to the south of the line Rosh ha - Nikra-Buaziya, having left this territory to French. However those practically did not take control of it, and it was left without the power.

As a result four Jewish settlements - Metula, Hamar, Kfar - Giladi and Tel - Find fault - appeared in private with the numerous local Arab population which is adjusted antisionistsk.

On December 12, 1919 Arabs attacked the settlement of Tel - Find fault. One of defending the settlement was killed.

Approach of Arabs to the settlements of Upper Galilee continued.

On January 1, 1920 the settlement of Hamar created only in October, 1919 was left. It was cut off from other settlements, in it there were no stone constructions even. In two days the settlement of Hamar was burned by Arabs.

Through short time Metula was evacuated.

On February 6, 1920 at defense Tel - Finding fault Aaron Cher died.

On February 25, 1920 Metula passed to Jews again. Directed group of the fighters who expelled Arabs, Iosif Trumpeldor who only about half a year arrived from Russia back.

On March 1, 1920 there was a decisive battle for Tel - Find fault.

Morning was given warm and solar. I. Trumpeldor with the friends finished a breakfast in Kfar - Giladi when the messenger from Tel appeared - Finding fault with a message that bedouins surrounded their settlement and demand to let in them inside for searches as if the French soldiers who hid there. Trumpeldor with several more fighters immediately went to Tel - Find fault.

Having appeared on the place, they began negotiations with Kamal - efend, the head besieging. Eventually, the parties came to the agreement that it will be allowed to leader of bedouins and his several bodyguards to enter on the territory of the settlement.

Kamal - efend together with Trumpeldor and four insurgents armed with guns and grenades began to rise by an attic, and the fifth with the machine gun settled in one of rooms on the second floor. Remained took place on a farmstead.

And at this moment from the yard the heart-rending cry of one of the Jewish residents of the settlement was distributed: “Trumpeldor! Take away the gun from me!“ For the bedouin the type of the armed woman was simply intolerable, and he decided to act at own risk.

Having heard shouts, Trumpeldor jumped out to the yard, shot the offender and gave the Fire! command desultory fire as began from Arabs, and Tel - Finding fault with defenders. During this firefight six residents of the settlement were killed on the spot, and Iosif Trumpeldor and one more settler were seriously injured.

Soon between belligerent parties the interim agreement on ceasefire was reached. Arabs took out the wounded and the killed.

Trumpeldor who got wounds in a shoulder and a stomach was transferred to one of rooms of fortress. There it was put on a bed, and he asked that somebody thrust back into his stomach the dropping-out guts. And when such were not, said: “Nothing, wash up to me a hand, and I will show you as it becomes“. Then independently executed this operation …

Being in the room covered his stomach with a towel and left the room: the truce came to an end and again firefight began. It abated only by the evening when at Arabs ammunition came to an end and they left.

All this time I. Trumpeldor was in the room where it was carried by companions. Eyewitnesses of events noted that he did not groan and did not complain, and on the contrary, tried to encourage defenders of the settlement in every possible way.

After care of bedouins in Tel - Huy messengers from Kfar - Giladi appeared. They surveyed the settlement, and only then all drama of an event opened. The doctor who arrived to the settlement defined that Iosif Trumpeldor is almost hopeless …

his last words were: “Tov the Lamut bead“ - “It is good to artsen to die for the homeland“. According to other version, he just swore in Russian, on the third - told favourite “Nothing“.

Together with Yosif Trumpeldor in fight for Tel - Find fault, proceeding 7 hours Darkler, Benjamin Monter, Sara Chizhik, Ze`ev Sarraf, Yaakov Toker, Shneor Shapashnik and Aaron Sar died the Yard.

In 1934 on the place of burial of defenders Tel - Finding fault, on a cemetery in Kfar - Giladi was established a monument of work of the sculptor A. Melnikov. It represents the growling lion, and on a pedestal names been killed in that unequal battle are cut. From the opposite party of a monument it is possible to read the phrase which, according to the doctor accompanying Trumpeldor in Kfar - Giladi, the hero said before death Port - Artur and Tel - Finding fault: “It is good to die for the homeland“.

In honor of eight fighters who were killed in that battle the city of Kiryat - the Frisk is also called. All who live in this wonderful city know about it. One of beautiful streets bears a name of Iosif Trumpeldor.

On March 3, 1920 settlers left Kfar - Giladi and Metula, having designated this the end of the Jewish presence in the Top Galilee.