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How Britney Spears grew thin?

of Britney Spears - successful American the priest - the singer, the owner of an award of the Grammy. She is very talented and active girl. Writes and sings songs, plays at cinema, is engaged in business. Its performances is always followed by abundance of fire, light, fireworks, dances. She lives in a mad rhythm.

Of course, such life is followed by stresses, a sleep debt, the wrong way of life and a large number of temptations. Alcohol, antidepressants, drugs - in her life there was everything. Loud stains, courts, section of property. She found forces to return to life. Was engaged in the health. Healthy food, a healthy sleep, active sports activities, refusal of alcohol and the forbidden means.

So, than the diet to which Britney Spears adhered is good? It is rather various and does not manage to bother. The menu can be alternated that the diet turned out balanced. It contains enough calories and does not slow down a metabolism that gives the chance actively to play sports. She learns to accept food on hours, small portions, at the same time the person loses excess weight.

The first day
7:00 - Fried eggs from two proteins, a half of a toast with low-fat cottage cheese, a teaspoon of jam or fruit jelly.
10:00 - the Tablespoon of skim cheese, a half of grapefruit or apple.
13:00 - the chicken breast Roasted on a grill or boiled; the big portion of vegetable salad filled with lemon juice; strawberry with a tablespoon of low-fat cream.
16:00 - is A little grapes or small banana.
19:00 - the Boiled piece of beef meat, boiled cabbage of broccoli, a glass of fruit jelly.

The second day
7:00 - the Piece of the low-fat bacon roasted on a grill, two tomatoes.
10:00 - Small banana or is a little dried fruits.
13:00 - the Small piece of fillet - a stake on a grill; the mushrooms fried on olive oil; little sugar peas; dry fruit compote.
16:00 - the Low-calorie roll or otrubny bread with low-fat processed cheese and jam or honey.
19:00 - Ragout from leek, paprika and bean sprouts; boiled shrimps; 2 slices of fresh pineapple.

The third day
7:00 - A little low-fat cottage cheese, a piece of grain bread, orange.
10:00 - the fresh fruit Salad filled with yogurt.
13:00 - Fillet of low-fat fish on a grill with vegetable marrows and an asparagus, a big piece of a melon.
16:00 - Two stalks of a celery and a little fresh low-fat cottage cheese.
19:00 - Pork chop on a grill with apples sauce, cabbage together with leek; a custard with banana.

The fourth day
7:00 - Two low-fat sausages, 2 tinned tomatoes, any fruit.
10:00 - the Pancake with strawberry or apple.
13:00 - the Small piece of chicken - a grill without skin; 175 grams of ratatouille or mixed vegetables; fruit salad without gas station.
16:00 - the Small piece of ham and one fig.
19:00 - A little duck breast on a grill with orange sauce, a big portion of vegetable salad and a little brown rice.

The fifth day
7:00 - Egg in a sack, mushrooms with low-fat cream and fresh tomato.
10:00 - the Piece of grain bread and vegetable puree.
13:00 - the Small portion of ragout from beef, white and a cauliflower on couple; six dry dates.
16:00 - Salad from cress - salad and a celery; any fruit.
19:00 - is A little fish with leek and spinach on couple; rhubarb and little low-fat cream.

Do not forget to consult with the expert. You remember if for the third day you felt badly, then this diet does not suit you. Throw it and find something suitable for you.

Do not neglect to physical activities. If you do not love sport - you go more on foot.