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What have to be modern rules of professional ethics of teachers?

you did not reflect: why the professional oath is said only by doctors? Only they promise not to do much harm to the neighbor, to honestly perform the work. And representatives of other professions, it turns out, it does not concern? It is possible to shout, offend, morally to influence mentality, to spoil health of other people. It is worth developing, likely, certain rules of professional ethics for different professions.

But how, for example, to make it for teachers? They study psychology, ethics and an esthetics in Higher education institutions and have to and so the nobility how to behave with pupils, their parents, colleagues. Certainly, they know how to train and raise children as it is correct to solve conflict situations with parents. But communication with colleagues leaves much to be desired!

For some reason each teacher of considers as the best, one and only, in own way, and the others - simply free application nearby with which it is possible to communicate indulgently. A high self-assessment - it is very good. But and there is a wish to tell: “Well, here also tower due to the abilities!“. Why to do it at the expense of abasement of other people? Means it is necessary to adhere to a certain principle: you consider yourself better, some there, surrounding colleagues - do not communicate in general. Show, thus, the arrogance, pride and intelligence, at last, instead of doing a favor, communicating. In my opinion, the most optimal variant for all. Let`s try in practice, misters are teachers, dear colleagues?

Well, and the knowledge of professional ethics and its application in practice by directors of schools in relation to teachers is a separate subject! Somebody can explain
to the director that the serfdom in Russia was cancelled in 1861? I understand, 90% of directors were brought up in other atmosphere, moreover - in other country which does not exist any more. So it is already time to leave in the past the Soviet slogans: “You have to and are obliged“, “So it is necessary because the director told“, “It is necessary to think and live more interests of collective“. What will change in collective, and at school in general if each teacher spends the day and night at work? The salary instead of 5000 rubles will become in 10 times more? It is unlikely, “fairy tales of the old grandmother“. Especially, we passed to a new form of payment at which everyone can earn to himself bonuses, and, therefore, is considerable increase a salary. But, besides, due to the personal diligence and abilities. And yes here interests of collective?

And, it appears, these “interests of collective“ are connected with the fact that many directors are the lonely women who chose, in due time, to a pit and living only work! And teachers try to accustom to live also. And we want to live the interests, in a family raising children, and, without being engaged only with other people`s children. Not the school has to bring up younger generation, and a family! And at school - training and patriotic education. Let each family will take for the rule to raise children, without hoping for school, only then there will be a new remarkable generation which lines we lost with disappearance of the nobility.

A conclusion from all aforesaid: to teachers and pupils over whom constantly experiment (examinations in the form of USE, a new form of compensation) - it is very heavy. And, it would be desirable, to work under supervision of the leader who is keeping up to date, knowing what is professional ethics!