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Comic book “Avengers“. Effective end or new beginning?

the Concept “team of dream“, or Dream Team, strongly entered a lexicon after the first emergence of the national team of stars of NBA at the scheduled summer Olympic Games. A team game any, but as it is pleasant to hear all these names together. The principle was adopted by many including cinematographers.

Joss Whedon`s “avengers“ who united in themselves at once several superheroes of the Universe of Marvel is peculiar “Drim Tim“ too. At the time of writing of these lines the Hollywood comic book stunning speed sweeps away records on a box office, holding the top places to the box - offices of absolute majority of territories. In only two weeks of hire in 40 countries the first full summer blockbuster earned mad 640 mln. dollars. having left behind, appear, inaccessible fulfillments of “The dark knight“ and the last part of “Harry Potter“.

This grandiose success became possible thanks to a number of factors. But at first a couple of words about a plot.

… Nobody so wants to enslave Earth as all who feel like it. Especially green groves and blue lakes haunt the dreadful creations living in a kingdom of darkness, stones and despair. A harmful ancient folk of “chitaura“, having used a children`s psychological trauma of Scandinavian Loki, presses “god“ on his complexes and calls for destruction of human race. One will get the blue planet, to another - 15 minutes of fame. Inspired with promises, Loki teleports to Earth, steals from a secret laboratory of the mysterious organization Shch. I. T. a source of inexhaustible energy of “Tesserakt“ also goes to make a portal for invasion.

A sad outcome for people of Earth on the way and the director Shch. I. Ta one-eyed Nick Fury urges superheroes to rally around Manhattan. “The program at least“ includes if not a victory, then cruel revenge. Therefore the project carries the name “Avengers“ and unites such dashing guys and maids as Iron Man, Hulk (he is doctor Bruce Benner), the Captain America, asgardets of Torahs, Natasha “Tchernaia vdova“ Romanoff and Clint “Yastrebiny glaz“ Barton. Ickx`s people and the Spiderman, unfortunately, could not approach, but encouraged.

Understanding that weight no alien Chihuahuas are able to crush “team of dream“, Loki acts with cunning and deception. Its magic scepter has the brainwashing effect and allows to bring a distemper and dissonance in ranks of “avengers“. Being singles by the nature, superheroes pull a blanket everyone on themselves. Is eager for Torahs over the artful brother of humane asgardsky court, Iron Man thinks himself d`Artagnan among it is known whom, and the Captain to “Steve Rogers“ to America who was stale in ices cannot wait to show bravery and courage for the sake of the homeland. Only one Benner does not dream of Hulk`s feats at all, trying to keep calm and only tranquility.

However not to pass fight and each “avenger“ will bring in it the modest contribution. And though the reasons of opposition of the parties are not legible, someone definitely should wipe bloody tears and to leave Earth as wise as before …

Rumours that the Marvel studio planned large-scale escalation of the conflict began to expatiate on the world relatively long ago. Actually, the first shy short step in this direction was made with the advent of “Hulk“ in 2003 - m. When the thought finally ripened, guys from Marvel began to rivet comics as pies, surely moving ahead towards to a grandiose apocalypse. At first “Iron Man“ in 2008 - m, then “Improbable Hulk“ where Edward Norton released from a responsible duty Eric to Bang, and after and the sequel of “Iron Man“ where Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson`s) character appeared again, having marked obvious intentions of Marvel to go all the way.

In 2011 subject emptiness were filled by “The first avenger“ both “Tor“ and the way to an epic ending was illuminated by green. The agiotage was warmed up so skillfully and competently, and the facts of the future blockbuster leaked out into the press so avariciously and reluctantly that the public pined nearly two years on slow fire. It, mostly, also became pledge of an improbable box office of “Avengers“ in the homeland where tickets for premier displays of the movie of Joss Whedon were bought up in two months ahead. But no marketing promises will be able effectively to fight against the main weapon of the viewer - a gossip hotline. But also here “Avengers“ struck the cap fits.

For those who are not aware, Joss Whedon - not some horse-radish from the mountain. This is the creator of such most popular series as “Buffy is an istrebitelnitsa of vampires“ and “Glowworm“. As the director, Whedon is known only unsuccessful “for Mission of “Sereniti“, and here its scenario progress really impresses. Whedon is the author of the fourth part of “Stranger“. He was treated kindly by critics for brilliant work in “History of toys“ and absolutely recent “Hut in the wood“. Formally to the project of Marvel studio Whedon was attributed in 2011 - m when together with Kenneth Brenna worked on creation “Torah“, but entered individual board only on “Avengers“.

The team game yields result, but not dry figures on a board, and individual skill of separate stars impress public. With Hulk more and more - it is less clear. On the green uncontrollable giant public it is banal missed. Especially after frankly unsuccessful appeal in a genre of comics of the remarkable actor Edward Norton which had no need to climb on the unfamiliar territory. Fight scene (beatings of the baby?) Hulk and Loki - one of the most amusing and vital in the movie. With gods, of course, so it is impossible, but still nobody cancelled Woe from Wit.

“The first avenger“ - one of the weakest links in film series in spite of the fact that is fundamental history. (The Captain America) it is necessary Chris Evans in “Avengers“ most difficult. It is only “probirochny“ experience. Probably for this reason he is drawn towards “human“ characters, like Natasha more and “A hawk eye“ which have a rough time in fight of titans.

Authors laid special hopes on the Torah (Chris Hemsworth) especially as the saga about the brotherly conflict became the last brick in the base of “Avengers“. The picture of 2011 of the same name did not please with critical responses, being the crumpled preface to a final chukalov, but not an independent picture. However, fears were not confirmed. In “Avengers“ of Torahs moved to the forefront and thanks to the relationship with glavgady Loki it could even be beaten out in leaders. If not Iron Man.

Robert Downey - younger is a highlight of the program. It is not excluded that after this movie the fees of the actor will fly up to heaven because it is nearly only reason for repeated revision of “Avengers“. Sarcastic, selfish and the technological “billionaire, the philanthropist and the playboy“ - the soul of the company, and each its remark is permanently sent to the auditorium. Tony Starck successfully compensates military patriotism of Steve Rogers, divine invulnerability the Torah and Bruce Benner`s zatyukannost, thereby doing the comic book by live and even amusing show. In breaks between magnificent special effects Iron Man will surely weaken audience the next joke, and as to the rule, all on business and without clownery.

About special effects and a visual feast to write there is no sense. Creators drove so many tens millions in fight of superheroes with alien rabble that was surpassed by right in this field of “Transformers“. Places turned out as with those fireworks on holidays - at first you cannot wait, and then you are tired of messing around already a little.

P. S. The most patient audience (on we wash a session of those no more than 5% were gained) will be able to glance, as usual, upon termination of credits with half an eye in the sequel. You did not think that all and will end with “Avengers“?