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How to prepare shrimps?

Recently I wrote article about how to cook shrimps. The recipe was pleasant to someone, to someone is not present, and it is normal. People have different tastes, and what is pleasant to one, can not be to the taste to another at all.

Today I want to tell about how to prepare shrimps without cooking. We shrimps will fry! Possibly, many were tried by the shrimps prepared on a grill. This very tasty dish which is not demanding special skills and abilities. But if you suddenly want to surprise friends with something refined and unusual, then the shrimps prepared according to this recipe, what is necessary.

We will fry shrimps with garlic.

It will be necessary for preparation for you:
- crude royal or tiger shrimps, is better brainless;
- garlic - 5 - 6 cloves;
- olive oil - a half-glass;
- salt to taste.

If you bought the royal shrimps frozen, then it is desirable to defreeze them previously. For this purpose I would advise to move shrimps from the freezer to the refrigerator that shrimps were defrozen without sharp fluctuations of temperature condition.

It is better to prepare shrimps according to this recipe those which in an armor, that is not cleared. But it on the fan. I, for example, consider that seafood is more tasty those which are not cleared. Meat in the crude shrimps much more gently is also more juicy, than in those which are on sale without armor.

But if you prepare shrimps without armor, do not forget to make in the recipe of the amendment - add less garlic, salt and olive oil.

So how to prepare shrimps with garlic? we Will begin
with preparation of ingredients. It is necessary to clean garlic and small to chop it a knife. It is possible to use, of course, and a chesnokodavilka, but then garlic can burn.

Wash out shrimps that on an armor there is no stuck broken-off mustache left and legs. Put a deep frying pan on a plate. On a bottom pour a half-glass of olive oil and warm it. Add garlic to a frying pan and fry 2 - 3 minutes.

Now it is possible to lower in the boiling oil of a shrimp. Spread out them at the bottom so that they lay in one layer. Salt shrimps to taste. How many on time to prepare shrimps? Precisely it is difficult to tell. Everything depends on the size of seafood. It is necessary to fry until shrimps do not change color, having turned from zelenovato - gray in it is reddish - orange. Fry shrimps from two parties. If you have a frying pan with a narrow bottom, then, perhaps, shrimps will be completely covered with oil, and it is not necessary to overturn them.

Take out ready shrimps from oil and get wet with a paper kitchen towel. Why towel? Because they are made from more dense paper, than a napkin. Paper from which towels are issued does not razmokat and does not stick to products.

The olive oil which remained after preparation of shrimps can be used as sauce for boiled potatoes or rice. Add oil to a garnish, but do not forget that everything is good moderately.

I want to give one advice - do not eat bread and butter, remained after frying of shrimps. Oil, of course, very tasty, but too nourishing. We after the first preparation of shrimps according to this recipe wetted through bread all oil. Then we shrimps did not want more than a year at all. Do not repeat our mistakes.

Appetite pleasant to you!