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How to cook solyanka?

Solyanka represents soup which is cooked on very saturated mushrooms, fish, meat broth or meat smoked products. Today I want to tell how to cook solyanka on the basis of broth from smoked meat products.

is required to you

Obligatory products:
- various smoked products, it can be sausages, brisket, a carbonate, corned beef, sausages;
- onion - 2 pieces;
- tomato paste - 3 Art. of l;
- cucumbers salty or marinated - 3 pieces (big);
- bell pepper - 5 - 6 pieces;
- fennel fresh - 1 small bunch;
- a lemon - 1/4 part;
- pepper black ground, bay leaf, salt.

Desirable, but not obligatory products:
- tomatoes fresh;
- capers;
- cabbage fresh;
- parsley;
- olives.

How to cook solyanka?

Ya I am a supporter of what should not be in cookery of accurate recipes. There are certain standards, but templates should not be. I am surprised by those people who do not recognize any modification of dishes. If pilaf, by all means with mutton, without some there were retreats if Russian salad, only classical option

In my understanding preparation of dishes is a special art. I like to experiment in kitchen and to constantly add something special to any recipe. I take as a basis all the known dishes.

Here and today I will share the recipe of solyanka, almost like at all and not absolutely. There are small changes in sequence of laying of products. And it does taste of my solyanka a little other than others.

That solyanka turned out saturated and tasty, it is desirable to use not less than 3 types of meat products. It can be sausages, ham and raw smoked sausage, or some other set. But smoked products have to be obligatory!

I cut all smoked products thin straws. I fry together with the onions cut by thin half rings. While meat products are fried, I clean cucumbers from a thin skin, I cut straws. On a separate frying pan I brown onions, I add a tomato - paste (it is possible to use the cut fresh tomatoes), in 2 minutes I pour a half-glass of water. As soon as sauce begins to boil, I add the cut cucumbers and I leave contents to pine until until cucumbers become soft.

In a pan with the boiling water I spread the smoked products fried with onions in 10 minutes after boiling I add contents of the second frying pan (with cucumbers). Now it is a high time for addition of bell pepper, salt to taste. It is necessary to allow to potomitsya to a dish on small fire even minutes 10.

Addition of the olives cut by circles, bay leaf, ground pepper will be the last stroke. The lemon can be used differently. I like to squeeze out juice directly in a pan in the last minutes of preparation. Fennel (at desire with parsley) small to cut and put in a separate plate. Add greens just before the use of solyanka.

How to cook solyanka with cabbage?

Many hostesses add fresh cabbage to solyanka. I fry previously the chopped cabbage and I add it to solyanka along with olives. The fried cabbage gives to solyanka special aroma and taste. Solyanka turns out as though from the Russian oven.
the Main rule - solyanka has to pine, but not rage.

Serve solyanka usually with sour cream. But there are also exceptions. My husband loves solyanka with mayonnaise, I do not recognize any additives. Only solyanka in pure form gives me pleasure. Appetite pleasant to you!