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What footwear suits you? We choose ideal couple

to be always in good mood, vigorous mood and it is fine to look will help... correct footwear! In it we feel somehow on special and is so sure as if it is not footwear, and continuation of our legs.

Such magnificent couple, unfortunately, the rare guest in our case. We experiment with various options, rushing from one extreme to the other, putting shoes on in sneakers, in shoes on a very tall heel. On what footwear all - it is worth stopping?

Ideal heel . Orthopedists removed a formula for calculation of optimum height of a heel: length of foot (cm): 7 = optimum height of a heel. Such heel on shoes helps stupnyam when walking and preserves them against fatigue. Its ideal height makes 2-4 cm

If you the lover of high hairpins, then remember that such shoes cannot be worn too often. In it load of legs is distributed not physiologically, foot ceases to spring and each step gives on vertebras. Through some time regular wearing shoes high-heeled leads to diseases of veins, joints and a backbone.

Platform . For some reason the platform is considered good alternative to a heel. But continuous wearing shoes on a platform conceals a set of the hidden dangers. In such footwear foot muscles practically do not work that harmful influences a backbone, a bearing and gait. And still the platform promotes development of flat-footedness.

The pointed sock . Strict shoes with the made narrower socks continually appear in fashionable collections and shops. However their owners need to know that this sharp nose strongly deforms toes.

Flats . The footwear absolutely without heels is similar to house-shoes and is calculated that in it will go on a plain surface and not really long. Suitable by the size, they are almost not felt standing. This footwear will definitely not be suitable for long shopping, foot, without having a support on heels, is flattened out.

Gym shoes and sneakers . Sports shoes have the strict purpose - trainings, campaigns and so on. Its design, material are not adapted for daily socks. Daily carrying such footwear causes perspiration, and humidity of skin and flexibility of a sole promote relaxation of the copular device of foot.

So, ideal footwear for daily socks is the footwear on a small heel, from soft material, she repeats an anatomic structure of foot, has convenient and slightly mobile block, well fixes foot.

Upon purchase:

1. To understand whether it is convenient to you in new footwear, walk in it on a floor of shop.

2. Pay attention to a back: it has to cover densely a heel, and after squeezing to become straight and take the former form.

3. Having put on shoes, try to move toes.

4. Rub an insole a napkin, on it there should not be traces.

5. Follow new footwear in convenient and comfortable footwear. If that that on you, presses or rubs, it will be quite difficult to understand feelings in new couple.

6. Choose footwear after a lunch: the leg by the evening always swells a little and becomes about one and a half sizes more.

Good luck to you in the choice of the of “ideal couple“!