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How it is necessary to have dinner?

our modern life proceed at pretty fast and intensive speed. Physical activities, psychological loadings - we face them every day in the everyday life. Fully to cope with a rhythm of our life and to go, as they say to a leg over time, we need to be in good physical shape. Our state of health is indirectly influenced also by our food that we eat as we eat. For a long time not a secret that not the healthy not balanced, irregular nutrition leads to problems with weight, obesity, or painful leanness, diabetes, various diseases of joints and a backbone, hypertensive crises, ischemic diseases of heart, gastric diseases, ulcers and gastritises, pancreatitis, cholecystitises, stones in kidneys … The list can be continued infinitely. It will be similar to the summary of the medical encyclopedia. And all this from - for irregular and not balanced food.
If with breakfasts and dinners our diet corresponds to standard concepts about these temporary acceptances of food a little more, then here with a lunch everything is much more difficult. Many of us, unfortunately, have no opportunity, to have dinner a normal full-fledged lunch of the house as work. 60 minutes of a lunch break (there are lucky persons at whom the lunch break does not exceed 30 minutes or in general has the sliding schedule) we seek to be in time all. To be run on shops, to chat with friends, to make urgent affairs. In the last turn to have dinner.
Such inattentive and disrespectful relation to a lunch will negatively be reflected, first of all, in ours health and in ourselves. Specialists in food and nutritionists call optimum time for a lunch - it should not exceed five hours after a normal and full-fledged breakfast. If we begin to have dinner much later, then by then hydrochloric acid of gastric juice of our stomach, without having received a lunch portion of food in time, starts self-eating and self-splitting. Hydrochloric acid of gastric juice begins to corrode walls of our stomach. Therefore it is, whenever possible, necessary to observe the mode of lunches and to eat lunch food at the same time.
lunch meal lasts, as a rule, no more than 30 minutes. This time quite is enough to have dinner, slowly and not hasty, carefully chewing all food. During a lunch break it is better to put the solution of working questions aside for the next 30 - 60 minutes.
the Ideal, full-fledged classical lunch has to consist of first course in the form of soup, broth, borsch, Russian cabbage soup, second course - a garnish with a meat product. Before starting first course it will be quite good to begin the lunch with vitamin fresh vegetables salad. Such “introduction“ will help to be adjusted to your stomach on the fact that there came the long-awaited lunch. In addition vegetables from salad will support your organism with necessary minerals, vitamins and minerals. Beginning the lunch meal with salad, we combine the concepts “pleasant“ with “useful“. Also fresh vegetables which contain nonsaturated fats in the structure will help us to reduce cholesterol level in our organism, and it in turn, will prevent process of postponement of saturated fats in our fabrics, will help to be acquired and digest well the subsequent meat dishes from our lunch menu.
This option of an ideal, full-fledged, classical lunch is possible only in cases when you manage to go to a lunch break home, your finance allows you to visit regularly cafe and dining rooms, near your workplace, heat lunches bring to you directly in office, or you so love and appreciate yourself that you take a lunch from all these dishes with yourself from the house. Of course, if you at work have a refrigerator where your lunch to a lunch break and the microwave oven would be stored to have dinner the warmed food.
Second option of a lunch, of course less classical and less useful. These are various variations on semi-finished products. Instant vermicelli, instant mashed potatoes, instant soups. In total, as they say, quickly. However, if tastes of such lunches also suit someone, then a month later be ready to become with such lunch diet the frequenter of an office of the gastroenterologist in local policlinic. The ulcer and gastritis will be provided to you. Add to it organism poisoning with all those emulsifiers, dyes and food additives which to contain in “instant“ lunches.
the Question of a healthy lunch remains actual. But recur the famous words which, apparently, sound so to the memory - “who wants, that looks for opportunities who does not want - that looks for a justification“. And so, who wants to be healthy, will surely find the acceptable, compromise solution how fully and tasty to eat in a lunch break. Well, and who does not want to be healthy, will still justify the unwillingness with lack of the microwave oven at work, or lack of time for a lunch. Even in the ancient time wise people recognized that war - war, but the lunch surely has to be.