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Recipes of development of management in Russia. What to do?

In the world of management are system processes and factors which have natural character. And they practically do not depend on what economic policy will be pursued by management, both local, and federal level.

The first most serious factor is connected with fluctuation in prices of raw materials and other goods which are exported by about 70% of the companies connected by all the structures with the raw direction of business
Management here cannot influence a situation, everything will be defined by a world environment. But in forces of the management of the companies and organizations to pursue reasonable budgetary policy not to get to excessive dependence on possible fluctuation in prices.

The second factor the risk is connected with deficiency of managers. Shortage of the qualified managers is already now felt, and in the next years in the country their absence will be just evident.

Of course, in this plan, which - that all - depends also on us. The problem can be softened partially through:

• migration encouragement, and it is necessary to support and create conditions for entry into the country of competent engineers and managers.
• improvement of system of professional development, education, including - professional to increase prestige of a profession of teachers, to lift quality of their preparation.

And what? Any can tell that we will not gain fast effect. And it is correct.
It sounds as an axiom. But it so.

Even if to start these processes today, now, that the first results objectively will be visible after 2020, that is, just when the program of Innovative development of the country is started.

It is necessary to recognize that the most important factor which can really promote growth of the Russian companies is business climate in the country.

And here it already directly depends on management. Why I speak about it again?

Because without free spirit of business the effective market economy cannot exist in principle. to count
I that business activity of business will be replaced by chiefs on places or the state money, it is a utopia.

Simply it is not interesting to the first and it is not capable to be the activator of a business initiative, and we will have no financial means any more so much how many we had before.

And management has to have a confidence that it is possible to do quietly business and to earn money if you do not break laws.

So far it is only possible to dream of such conditions.

But the most important and, at the same time, the most serious risk the forthcoming six years, in my opinion, consists that with this task will hesitate or will not be solved on cardinal steps.

The task is necessary huge. And to begin to solve it follows immediately. If management is solved on it, then the chance to correct a situation is. Let not in six years, perhaps, on it more time will leave. But it is important to achieve turn, a change in the relations of business and the state.

Management asks a question: what for this purpose should be made?

1. To establish special responsibility for people who work in law enforcement and law-enforcement agencies. If to speak aloud, then the desire to steal so strongly, and the rule of law is so weak that quite often there is an impression as if the judicial system works not for the country, and against it. In such conditions about any trust between businessmen and the power of the speech cannot be. Business should give confidence that the court will always be fair under the law, but not on bribes of competitors or pressure from above. It is essentially important.

2. To stop criminal prosecution of management of various level, to make big amnesty of the businessmen sitting on economic structures. To achieve mutual understanding between the power and business, to promote and make some simple, but indicative steps proving that business moved off dead center. Such steps would become a peculiar bridge, at once would show gravity of intentions of the power.

3. Also the movement towards democratization, public control is necessary. Now we have no equal conditions for the competition. Such system when there are separate companies of small and medium business having the relations with medium-sized officials is built.

4. To cease to distribute some benefits to one which are automatically taken away from others. Large business has acquaintances at the highest levels. And all work and live thanks to these communications and acquaintances. But blessings of officials cannot extend to all.

5. The Federal Antimonopoly Service tries to influence a situation by administrative methods. She declares from time to time intention to deal with monopolists, founders of cartels. But, as it seems to me, sometimes works not quite independently, preferring not to contact on - serious the large influential companies. And so should not be.

In a notebook.

Today which - that begins to change, at least in the form of declarations, and it allows to hope for bright future of business in the country. We need only to trust and wait. It is not necessary to throw into me stones, I sincerely consider what did not put business to politicize. Exactly there we are also waited by all ambushes and traps conducting to a compromise with the power that we have to allow in any way and never.

For now write down in the notebooks the quote from Performance, not the prime minister yet, but already and not the President, Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting of the State Duma on May 8, 2012:

“The relation to business activity in our country has to change essentially. I spoke about it on enlarged meeting of the State Council and today I will repeat. Economic break is possible only where the enterprise talent is perceived as social value, as social value, and business activity - as one of key sources of development of the country. The state can carry out in certain cases direct intervention in economy, but in occasions, really necessary and clear for business, or in the conditions of crisis, and law enforcement agencies are obliged to protect the organizations of all forms of ownership and to do it effectively. At the same time we have to create such model when rules of the game for business in Russia could compete adequately at the international level, and all would participate in formation of these rules“.

Development of management in the country, to competition development, creation of equal conditions for business and development of business will be promoted also by reduction of a public sector in economy.

Today and now public industries by definition use certain privileges, live not in market, and in hothouse conditions. And all this strongly distorts also the market environment.

Now, by my estimates, the state more than a half of production assets in the country belongs. It, of course, incredibly is a lot of.

In a normal situation behind the state there has to be only what is necessary for performance of state functions, and these are about 10 - 12 percent of assets. It is undoubted that the most part of the state companies present in whole or in part have to be sold, enter the market as independent commercial units.

Recipes of an exit from that state in which there is a domestic business can be much, and them has to be much. It will do only good to management and the companies. Also it is not necessary to be frightened advance, will be enough to be frightened shocks.

Actually, in my recommendations there is nothing terrible.
them can be read and perceived without drugs.

* The paradox consists in the following: playing two specially picked up games A and B, each of which has higher probability of loss, than a victory, it is possible to construct advantageous strategy, playing these games serially. That is, playing one game in which on 5 losses 4 prizes drop out, the player will inevitably lose following the results of a large number of draws. Then, playing another in which on 10 losses 9 prizes drop out, the player will also lose. But if to alternate these games, for example ABBABB, etc., then the general probability of a prize will be loss high probabilities. A condition of emergence of paradox of Parrondo is communication between results of games A and B. For example communication can be carried out through the current capital of the player, that is at some value of the capital of the player (for example multiple 3) the probability of a prize in one of games has to be more than a half.