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How it was? Three salads - three sources and three components of the Soviet feast. Part 2

So, is working - the country basis was treated with vinaigrette, a superstructure - the city petty-bourgeois mass of employees - Russian salad and what was eaten by a thin layer of the intellectuals? It both was scary far from the people, and remained, despite of annual trips “on potato“ all students and inzhenerno - technical workers.

There is an opinion that herring under a fur coat“ was a symbol and a banner of an intellectual table “ . But if to ponder, “fur coat“ is association of vinaigrette with herring and Russian salad. Whether there is no deep sense in it? Probably, is. Attempt of a layer to go to the people, to merge with productive basis in the person and workers, and employees. In vain tried - though “fur coat“ business good, nourishing, but nevertheless on a symbol does not pull owing to this dualism.

Probably, it is more correct to delegate on a banner of an intellectual table crab salad . However, it was even more difficult to get crabs, than peas, and tinned corn it is impossible at all, but for this purpose and the engineering thought pines that as - nibud to dodge. Well there, or to make friends with the almighty commodity researcher from an epicure, or to give private lessons to children zavbazy, or still that.

And for the most elected, creative people there were Writers` Unions, artists and composers where there were the closed buffets, and they by holidays were given not such sad rations as to us, not creative, and at all something fantastically fine. What is eaten only by inhabitants of heaven where - nibud on the Olympus - for example, olives. Oooo, olives. Or even sprats. How many I remember this divine food in the childhood, so always only complete with thought “here sometime to eat more than one shprotina“.

And not because the childhood was hungry, - was not (persons interested to povizzhat on this subject we sweep aside the Napoleonic movement of the left leg at once: no, the childhood was fed), but here as for a sprat, olives or there tangerine - is strict for New year, well can, on birthday. Perhaps, in the central part of the capital was somehow differently, but the world does not come to an end beyond its limits, I would even tell - on the contrary, the reserve comes to an end there, and the world only begins.

So, we distracted - it was talked of delicacies which were extremely scarce goods. And rather big part of the life at gourmets and gluttons left on that to get all this . The trembling sigh of guests when the hostess showed them crabs salad was an award for all these convulsions, efforts and humiliations (!) and other olives with sprats. Crab salad, in comparison with Russian salad, has one immanent property, it an essential shortcoming: it never remains for breakfast of the next day. Never.

There was one more candidate for a position of classical salad of the intellectuals when the rawism - something crude already became fashionable, some sprouted wheat, lettuce leaves (not to knife at all - only to tear! spirits of salad can take offense at metal of a knife, see. “A gold branch“ of J. Frezer, there in detail speaks about sympathetic magic), leaves of dandelions and a young nettle.

Here I will not lie - I just did not reach such flight altitude. Recipes read and heard much, but did not eat leaves of dandelions even in 80 - e years though there was already a wish. Stopped thought that the city grass is impregnated with petrol exhausts, behind pure herbs it is necessary to go somewhere to the woods, and it is extremely energetically unprofitable: to fill costs of a trip to the country and collecting fresh hay, it should eat a couple of shocks of this hay of infections, and us, unlike cows, the nature did not present with four stomachs...

From myself I can offer still simple summer salad which Zhvanetsky describes in a miniature “From below up“ - cucumbers - tomatoes - onions - oil . It is only bureaucrats and mad ortoreksik enter the put calories, proteins and carbohydrates into an organism, and true epicureans and hedonists like to eat well.

I will notice, the modern fashion somehow surprises to put on a plate a set of vegetables on leaves and to call it salad. But we do not speak about it from the section “make“. Absolutely it is not necessary to crush, of course, taste not that, but salad is where vegetable are cut in a bowl, but not put on a meter plate beautifully on the center!

Tomatoes, of course, better steppe, juicy and on a break granular from sugar. But I understand that it is available not to all even in the presence of huge money. Money can get to you refined tomatoes: cherry, mikada, bull hearts and still the devil knows how many aristocratic grades, any exotic, but here simple steppe tomato, sweet and hot from the sun, they to you will not get. It it is necessary to know places. The cucumber that was young, not rough, but onions well violet, but take what is. Bread it is possible also white - white absorbs better, and it is scary convenient to them at the end of an orgy with growl and groans to select a salad yushka.

But, probably, it is too simple for a symbol. And here, left as always - at peasants everything accurately, at workers and employees too, and at these intellectuals - again disorder and swayings. Even the decent salad symbol was not!

But if to ponder, then it and is correct. Lack of a consent concerning a core was a flag and a core of the intellectuals always. Here and there is no salad accurate. It, that all! That it is amicable, unanimously and with the song. The leader of a world proletaryat not without reason called the intellectuals such term that welcome, and edition will not pass.

Clever, you understand what were found out. “Most cleverly you want to be?“ - in the USSR it was not more terrible than reproach... Well, all right. Let`s not fear ghosts of old and other you indulge, we will be under a delusion with hope for the future, and these salatik we will eat everything. And vinegretik velvet color and inconceivable usefulness, both grandiose Russian salad, and a fur coat (having forgotten about calories), and crab, and tomato, well it is possible even grassy if secured.

Bon appetit.
of Ur, companions.