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What Christian places should be visited in Jerusalem? Part 2

In Jerusalem a set of interesting places which should be seen, having arrived to this amazing city.

On Mount Zion the magnificent church of the Assumption of the Mother of God (Dormitsion) is which was constructed in 1910 in memory of the Saint Virgin Mary who died here is Christ`s mothers. The altar of church is decorated with images of Maria, Christ and prophets, and on a floor - the mosaic drawing representing the Holy Trinity, prophets and zodiac signs. In a basement of church you will see Virgin Mary`s statue which is cut out from a cherry tree.

Almost near church of the Assumption of the Mother of God there is that place where there was the well-known Last Supper of Christ to his pupils - the Room of “Last Supper“ (Senakulum) . From the Room there were some columns and the arch on which the fresco with the image of an easter lamb is visible.

In Muslim quarter at school for girls Ale - Omariya begins Via Doloroz Street on which Christ passed the Way of Sufferings to Golgotha . This procession, according to the Gospel, was interrupted by various events which were connected with a name of Christ. Each such stop is noted by churches, chapels and memorial boards. In total such stops (stations) 14 are canonized: 9 of them are located on Via Doloroz Street, and 5 last stops are in the Temple of the Lord`s Coffin.

In Christian quarter there is a Temple of the Lord`s Coffin . This most holy site for any Christian erected where, according to the Gospel, Christ was crucified, buried, and then revived. The modern building of the temple was built in 1130-1149 by crusaders and then restored after an earthquake of 1927 of which remind us the numerous columns supporting the building arch.

To the left of an entrance to the temple there is a small chapel with stone gravestones over tombs of Christian kings of Jerusalem - Godfrua and Baudouin.

On top of Golgotha you will get, having bravely climbed up very abrupt ladder. There is a chapel of Removal of Clothes of Jesus which stands still 10 - y stops of the Way of the Cross where Christ was undressed. 11 - I am a stop of the Way of the Cross which is on the place where Christ in the face of his mother was beaten to a cross, it is marked out by a mosaic with Virgin Mary`s image and Jesus nailed to a cross. On 12 - y the silver disk with an opening in the middle where the cross with the crucified Christ was inserted is visible to a stop of the Way of the Cross.

The Unction stone representing the low oblong plate revetted with marble on which Christ`s body removed from a cross was necessary is 13 - y a stop of the Way of the Cross.

The last 14 - I am a stop of the Way of the Cross - “Rotunda“ or “Kuvukliya“ (the Lord`s Coffin) - it is marked out by a small dome chapel to the left of the Unction stone which was erected in 1810 over a cave where Christ`s body was buried.

Behind this chapel the big stone vase symbolizing “the Center of Earth“ and the patriarch`s throne is located .

The ladder near Golgotha has the forefather Adam`s chapel where you will see a crack which, allegedly, was formed at the moment of Christ`s death.

Excursion in Christian places of Jerusalem should be finished... at Wailing Wall , or the Western wall which is a symbol of the Second Temple and a national shrine of the Jewish people.

This quite logical completion of such excursion. Jesus Christ was a son of the Jewish people and prayed in the Jewish Temple located once on the Temple mountain.