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What Christian places should be visited in Jerusalem? Part 1

the acquaintance to Jerusalem Christian should be begun with an observation deck which is at top of the Olive mountain . Olive, or Eleonskaya, the mountain (hap hazeytim) is in east part of Jerusalem and its height - 793 meters above sea level is the highest point in the neighborhood of the city. Olive trees which from time immemorial grow on mountain slopes and named it.

From an observation deck before you the most beautiful panoramic view will open. From here almost all Jerusalem in all the beauty is perfectly looked through. In the north you will see the mountain Skopus, or the mountain of Observers, and on Hugo - the East - the mountain of Desecration, or the mountain of Temptation. In the east it is possible to make out the Judaic desert, the Dead Sea and tops of mountains Moab.

Garden of Gethsemane can be the following item of your travel , his Christians esteem as the place in which Christ found a shelter and rest where it came with the pupils where prayed before arrest, was devoted and arrested.

Modern Garden of Gethsemane, 47õ50 meters in size, is only part of an extensive garden of bible times which is at the bottom of the western slope of the Olive mountain in the valley the Cedron.

Here once there was a settlement Gethsemane which Greek name happened from Hebrew “Ghat shmany“ - “olive davilnya“ as in the ancient time here produced olive oil.

In the lower part of a garden you will see eight ancient olives which age as it is considered, exceeds 2000. They are surrounded with a low fencing along which there is a path. On the right side of this path in special lockers relief images of all sufferings of Christ are placed.

You should pay the attention to a stone which lies absolutely near olives. On this stone Christ before Judas with the kiss approached it sat.

And all few steps away from this stone there are gray rocks on which Christ`s pupils had a rest.

Then you can go down to Gefsimansky grotto which is near a fencing of Garden of Gethsemane. In this cave Christ in the last days and hours of the mortal life prayed. Now the cave is turned into the temple decorated with marble and gold. Here you will be able to see that place on a floor where drops of bloody sweat of Christ kindled a cold stone.

And on that place where, according to the Gospel, Judas betrayed Christ, in 1925 was constructed by of the Basil of Christ`s Torments which has as well other name - Church of All Nations . This majestic temple 12 domes with images of the coats of arms of those Catholic states which financed its construction crown.

Before the main altar of church the big natural stone on which, according to the legend, Christ prayed before the arrest lies. Over this stone the picture with the image of an angel who went down on the earth hangs to console Christ. Your attention will be undoubtedly drawn by such mosaic pictures as “Gefsimansky prayer“, “the Legend of the Savior“ and “Christ`s capture into custody“.

The church is devoted to events of the last terrestrial night in Christ`s life therefore the ceiling reminds it the star sky. For the same reason in the temple there is no daylight.

The basilica is served by monks of the Franciscan monastery which is at the temple.

And behind a fencing of this monastery there is an orthodox Saint church of Mary Magdalene which was constructed in 1888 on personal means of the Russian emperor Alexander III in memory of his mother Maria Aleksandrovna. It is constructed in style of the Russian church architecture, over it seven domes in the form of the bulbs topped with orthodox crosses flaunt. In church quite modest interior which main decoration is the iconostasis from white marble with icons of a brush of the Russian artist Vereshchagin.

Near the Saint church of Mary Magdalene the small octagonal chapel which, according to the Gospel, is erected on the place where Christ rose on heaven after the revival is located. Here you will see the stone which is put in order in marble on which there was a trace of a foot of Christ.

Having climbed down a little more a mountain, you will appear at the convent a karmelitok constructed in the 19th century. Having entered on the territory of the monastery through a gate in a wall, you will approach Father church Noster (“Pater Noster“) which was erected on the place where Christ for the first time said a prayer of “Pater Noster“ before the pupils. There is a cave in which the flat stone with the text of a prayer of “Pater Noster“ cut on it in Aramaic language was found. Walls of church are covered with porcelain plates with words of this prayer in 50 languages of the world.

On a slope of the Olive mountain you will notice a black dome with navershiy and a cross. It is the Lord`s Crying Church , or the Grieving Lord (“Dominus Flevit“) which was constructed by monks - Franciscans at the end of 30 - x years of the 20th century on the project of the Italian architect Barluchchi. The building has the unusual, teardrop form. According to the Gospel, Christ on this place mourned future inevitable destruction of Jerusalem. At the left at an entrance to church you will see a beautiful mosaic on the remains of ancient church of the Byzantine period...