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What travel across Israel are attractive by?

Why it is worth visiting the tourist Israel? Than rest in Israel is remarkable? What are the resorts of Israel famous for? It is possible to answer all these questions only this way: “Israel - the unique country for all categories of tourists“.

You like to swim in the sea and to lie under the sun on gentle sand - at your service magnificent beaches on Kineret`s lake, the Mediterranean and Red seas.

You want to lie down on a water smooth surface and at the same time to read the newspaper, and also to be smeared with therapeutic mud and to revitalize the body in salutary sources - go to the Dead Sea which is located on the lowest point of the globe.

You prefer shopping - before you large trade canyons and small shops will open doors, you will be fascinated by exotic markets where it is possible to get unique works of art of local national crafts and to try refined masterpieces of culinary creativity.

You love foot walks - numerous natural reserves will open to you the embraces.

You want to combine rest with the amendment of health - improving resorts and various clinics always wait for you.

You want to make pilgrimage on Saints for you to places - there is nothing more simply. If you the Christian, you can light a candle in the Temple of the Lord`s Coffin, pass on Via Doloroz and make ablution in Jordan. If you the Jew, you can leave the message to God on stones of the Wailing Wall and pray at a tomb of the Tsar David. If you the Muslim, you can climb the Temple mountain with which, according to the legend, in heaven the prophet Muhammad once rose and to pray in the mosque.

Despite the small sizes of the country, in Israel there are all climatic zones, except a zone of permafrost and a tropical zone. The zone of moderate roast and rather humid climate includes the Top Galilee and Carmel`s massif, a zone of roast and a semi-humid climate - the Seaside plain and the Central uplands, a zone of droughty climate - the Jordanian valley and Negev`s plateau, a zone of climate of the desert - the Dead Sea, a hollow Arawa and a height Parran.

Traveling around Israel, it is possible to swim within one day in the Red Sea in Eilat, and in 7 - 8 hours to appear on the snow-covered mountain Hermon.

In Israel it is possible to touch world history true. Here in Jerusalem in the Temple of the Lord`s Coffin there is so-called “Center of the universe“. In this Saint for three religions the city continually to you the historical places connected with Judaic, Christian and Muslim religions will meet.

And unless in order that the legs to pass on bible roads and paths that the hands to touch bible monuments, you should not arrive to Israel?

You are not familiar with rather new religion bakhayev yet - religion fine? Then visit Bohai shrines in Haifa and Acre.

You never were in the White city of Tel - Avivah - a monument of architecture of UNESCO - and old Yaffo? You did not visit the Diamond exchange and park Pass - Israel? You lost much.

Unless it is possible to list all fine sights of the country flowing milk and honey? It`s worth seeing!

If Israelis did not live in such interesting country as Israel, they would come as tourists here every year. And over and over again would open for themselves something new and unusual.

Having visited the country once, it is possible to understand that for once it is impossible to see and like all miracles of Israel.

Welcome to Israel!