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At first it is necessary to arrive home, to prepare to eat something, to have a rest and I will be engaged then preparation for examination, - Nikolay thought, coming back by bus from university, standing at back glass. Frowning, it diligent planned the rest of day with a thoughtful air. His eyes looked at a site of the road directly behind bus which from - for the movements seemed an indistinct strip and it seemed that not the bus moves, and the road moves under bus.

Weigh it and his thoughts were already at home in spite of the fact that he went in public transport. Having felt easy nervousness inside, as if having a presentiment of something, he unconsciously lifted up eyes after the journey and slantwise, but also thoughtfully turned the view of crowd of the people standing under a roof of a stop near which without hurrying, imposingly, understanding all the importance the passenger bus by which it just also went stopped. During the same moment in Nikolay`s head all thoughts, all experiences and all desires as though the consciousness oddly hanged as if the overheated computer disappeared, and the person ceased to express any emotions at this time. His look met a look of the beautiful girl standing on a stop. It seemed to Nikolay that the whole world as if stopped for this second, giving it chance to make out all beauty of the charming stranger. In Nikolay`s heart something missed a bit, he stood as if the baby who owing to the inexperience still impartially could examines everything that occurs around it. But he saw only it! The same girl`s face changed as if both of them felt this mysterious touch something unearthly. Peering at eyes to the charming stranger, through back glass of the bus, Nikolay`s heart stood waiting for continuation of this sacrament... Something warm and pleasant spread up to all breasts and it seemed that even if the whole world will fail now and will disappear, he will feel nevertheless it, to feel its breath and to see its image. Everything became some unimportant, uninteresting, but at the same time everything became brighter and is lighter, the world changed gray paints to a fine combination of improbable flowers which did not exist before in the Universe at all...

Having realized the events for a moment, Nikolay moved to the next exit from the bus and the sharp movement jumped out on a stop, without noticing those who already came inside. It as if filtered through crowd and the confident leap appeared behind the back of future passengers of the bus who only still were going to storm an entrance to transport forward. Nikolay surely began to look around at the beautiful stranger and when their eyes met again, he felt a bigger nervousness, but also still big confidence in reciprocal feelings. The beauty as if hypnotized by the admirer`s look precisely directly looked in a manhole to Nikolay. Without noticing nearby the standing passersby neither it and nor it did not look away from each other. I feel this thin and invisible thread which tied their hearts, Nikolay approached the dream closer and closer, confusing therein surrounding with the open behavior. It bypassed nearby the standing woman as if without noticing her on its way to dream, and it appeared near the goddess. Something conducted it, something prompted deeply in its being that it does everything correctly. Without share of doubt and confusion, he already absolutely close peered some more long seconds at these bottomless, fine eyes! All its being was filled with something light and fine as if he climbed up the highest top of the world.

- Hi! - Nikolay said surely, fixedly peering at a face of the charming girl.

- Hi, - with a small delay the fine voice of the stranger was heard.

As if hypnotizing it, he still fixedly peered into the girl`s eyes, giving it and himself time to enjoy a moment of acquaintance. His look fell by a moment to her lips and again rose to eyes! At this time he felt even taste of her fine lips and a perfume aroma! Heart was clogged even stronger, having a presentiment of a disturbing moment of a kiss. Understanding each other without words, the girl for a moment threw a cursory glance to Nikolay`s lips. He approached even closer it, already absolutely breaking its personal space and is gentle, without having a look on it eyes glued took her by hand. As if having read thoughts of each other of their palm were pressed to each other, and fingers were passionately linked in the lock. Soon Nikolay already came very close to the great goddess and after a moment, without having a look on her eyes glued, very close approached her face to face, feeling and feeling her breath. Tips of their noses concerned each other, lips were already at absolutely small distance from each other. It released her hand and very gently and carefully clasped her waist pressing her body to itself(himself) even closer. Slowly closing eyes, Nikolay as if bewitched very smoothly stretched to her lips... He distinctly felt all this time as her gentle, scarlet lips came nearer closer and closer. Their lips touched each other, their hearts connected, and the reason refused to understand the events... As if falls, gushed over its essence inexpressible divine feelings of a kiss. The earth, the sun, the moon as if stood during this instant, breaking all laws of gravitation! It seemed that the world stopped the senseless existence envying happiness of two lovers and that everything in this Universe will be filled with aroma of this kiss now. Everything was dissolved in boundless feeling of completeness of two contrasts which made just the act of creation of the new Universe in which there was no more place to either former experiences, or former cares, anything that could break their happiness. .

P. S.

In heart of each of us there is a place for similar experiences. You look in the face each other more often... If you look sincerely, openly, then do not hide, do not look away... Time having looked in eyes to the person, it is possible to understand everything, to see everything. Look the passerby though occasionally in eyes, they have the same soul... It is very simple to find so the second half! The love is at first sight real!) Good luck to you also remain energetically sensitive!

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