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How to cook sushi? In recent years the fashion on all east brought

in our life and oriental dishes. As one of favourite dishes of our compatriots it is possible to consider sashimi, sushi and beaters. How to cook sushi and what for this purpose should be bought? Such question is often asked by visitors of the Internet. Today I will tell about sushi and about how to cook sushi.

Of what sushi consist?

are considered as the Main ingredients of sushi as

: rice, crude fish, vegetables, seafood. Ginger, avocado and soy sauce are also an integral part of Japanese cuisine.

Where to buy the products necessary for making sushi?

In the large cities specialized shops selling products from Japan are. But also in usual supermarkets also for quite some time now there were specialized departments where it is possible to buy all necessary for making sushi.

Depending on with what you are going to cook sushi, it will be necessary for you:

- seaweed - a hole;
- wasabi (hot Japanese spice);
- ginger marinated;
- the soy sauce made especially for sushi;
- rice with the increased maintenance of a gluten;
- rice vinegar or special mix of the divorced vinegar with sugar and salt;
- products at choice: shrimps, a smoked eel, fresh fish, avocado, cucumbers fresh, pepper sweet, red fish fresh and so forth

the Most important in sushi - to choose “the correct rice“. Long-grain rice and steamed is not suitable for making sushi. By experience I chose two types of rice: special rice for sushi and “Italika“ from Mistral firm.

preparation Process:

Rice is filled by

in a pan. We fill in with cold water and we put on a plate. Before boiling we cook rice on strong fire. Further fire it is necessary to reduce and cook rice to readiness. Pay attention - water has to be evaporated completely. Very conveniently when cooking rice for sushi to use an electric risovarka.

When rice will cook, it is necessary to cool it quickly. For these purposes it is possible to use a fan or the table fan.

To taste we add vinegar or special mix of vinegar with salt and sugar to rice. In the conditions of restaurants and cafe rice remains fresh. It is so accepted in Japan. When you cook house sushi, can add salt and sugar to the taste. It is one more occasion to learn how to cook sushi independently. The first occasion is a difference in the price. Sushi, the cooked houses, turn out much cheaper, than restaurant.

From the rice mixed with vinegar, a palm vyleplivay an oblong lump. A surface we grease wasabi. From above we stack favourite “stuffing“ - fish, a shrimp, an omelet … Dream. Perhaps, you will think up something special. At desire you can fasten rice and a stuffing with a thin ribbon of seaweed.

There is an option a little more difficult - a spice - sushi, they are called by gunkana.

How to cook sushi a spice?

of Spaysi - sushi or sharp gunkana prepare as follows:

At first cook sauce from sharp paste of kimchi, soy mayonnaise and sauce for an eel. You can use proportions and additional additives to taste. As a stuffing fish, seafood will approach. We mix a stuffing and sauce.

A hole we cut a leaf on long strips, about 5 cm wide. From rice we form a lump, of the size of egg. We wrap rice in a strip to a hole. That sushi a spice were not unwound, we glue edge the crushed risinka. Pay attention that at you “baskets“ at the bottom of which there will be a rice have to turn out, and from above there will be a place for a stuffing.

In the received “basket“ we impose the stuffing mixed with sauce.

My council: do not postpone for a long time the use of ready sushi, the they is fresher, the more tasty. Sushi - not borsch, for the future it is not necessary to train them.

Appetite pleasant to you!